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  1. I discussed this matter with a local professional musician, and he said that cellists in particular had been trying these tailpieces for years, but that they could never establish themselves as credible alternatives to standard tailpieces. It kind of figures, considering they're not officially available from any seller in my country. I'm just curious because I enjoy trying "new" things that might make a difference.
  2. I recently watched a video review of the so-called "harp" style tailpieces for violins, violas and cellos. I never came across those before, but in the video I watched they definitely made a difference on the instrument they were tested with. They're not available in my country, but I'm interested enough to give them a try. Have you tried these before on your instruments, and if so, with which result? Thanks in advance.
  3. That question is so dumb it clearly shows that you wouldn't recognize a good violin if someone hit you over the head with one. Sorry I can't be as diplomatic as Daviod Burgess, but this is the answer you deserve.
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