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  1. @PhilipKTThere are two bows - one says 'golden strad' made in england. The other has no identifying marks, but is octagonal. What do you want to know/what bits do you want pics of? Music that's come with it is pretty standard Tune a day stuff. Nothing old.
  2. I won’t try anything like that!
  3. I’d like to play it. No interest in selling at all. It has been played at some point in the last 20 years I believe, but I don’t know how much or what it sounded like.
  4. So: Is it worth sticking some peg compound on the pegs and at least playing it in the state its in, or should it be condemned completely?
  5. Thanks both - I feared that might be the case.
  6. I have inherited a cello, which belonged to my great grandfather. As far as we know, he was given it in 1921 - but I know nothing more about its origins than that. It will obviously be going to a luthier to be checked out, but i wondered if any of these cracks are especially problematic. It won't tune as the pegs don't have enough friction, and I'm not brave enough to tension the strings that much either at the moment. The bridge had come off, but I've put that back on (I'm a violinist so not completely unaware of strings). What can anyone tell me about this instrument? Thanks.
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