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  1. nimrak

    A violin

    interesting..... I actually wanted to see how people see prices base on visual inspection. Of course, I bought this violin in a well established shop, but I did wonder, how do people price violins if we put the maker aside? It was made by Josef bitterer (authenticated with papers, if it matters)
  2. nimrak

    A violin

    Decided to buy this from a private seller around $2k+ it sounded good to me and it so easy to play with. So what you guys think? origin? it seems to the craft is ok on this one.
  3. nimrak

    Paul Knorr

    Thank you all! Dodge a bullet
  4. nimrak

    Paul Knorr

    I was the under-bidder (absentee bid) of this lot. I think it is genuine. long story short the top bidder defaulted, and this particular lot is offered to me with a hammer price of 15 percent rather than 25% directly through the auction house. I was wondering was there something that the previous bidder saw that I missed which made him withdraw his bid. A Fine German Violin by Paul Knorr, 1957 - Jul 14, 2021 | Guernsey's in NY (liveauctioneers.com) I was comparing his work and it looks like it is close to similar, I could be wrong.
  5. There are times, where I felt like not practicing at all (and this hinders my practicing in so many ways). Maybe because I work full time and do a lot things besides practicing (going to school). I usually practice on average an hour a day (I am not a professional player). It also feels like doing the same thing everyday (same routine). Do you guys have some advice? what do you guys think of giving a day or two off and how will you go about it? maybe I am feeling burned out?
  6. What do you mean by "English workshops"?
  7. Any one can tell about this particular violin maker. I have one in position. Thanks in advance kind strangers!
  8. This guy is offering me this klotz family violin. I am hoping if someone can verify its authenticity
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