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  1. Awesome answers, everyone! I am not sure how long these boards have been seasoned, and I've only had them a few weeks. It makes sense they may need a little more time. I'll date them and put them back up on the rack, at least until they stop smelling so nice... I've been reading The Pegbox for the last 8 months, and feel like I've gotten to know you all from years of posts. Here's my intro... My name is Craig Danner, and I live in Hood River, Oregon. I studied violin making in Maryland with Willis Gault in 1984, then changed gears when I figured out how hard it would be to earn a liv
  2. Hi! I'm a relatively new violin maker, working on number 12. I am planing the top center joint, and the shavings have a reasonably strong pine scent. Can spruce smell of pine, or did my supplier send me an odd-ball? I've received 8 other wood sets from this company, a reputable independent tonewood supplier in the NW. It is sold as Sitka Spruce, but this top does seem a little different, a bit wider grain, and a small sap-pocket defect, but straight and has a fine ring. It is white/yellowish, as compared to the prior tops that were a bit browner than the European Spruce I've received from Inte
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