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  1. In viewing the label of the Carlisle in my possession under a strong light (and with my spectacles on) I discovered that the Carlisle I have is indeed a John R Carlisle. The Label was misidentified initially and my post presented it along with some errant speculative remarks as a Thomas Carlisle violin. It is not and is in fact a James R Carlisle manufacture. The label is not a printed stock but the Signature is hand written as James R Carlisle. The thumb print is extant to its signature and the other details as originally posted remain the same-- Number 1137 -June 1943 and Cincinnati also in script on the label This violin is obviously one of his later work . The history of my acquiring the violin stands as previously written. It was purchased by me in 1958 or so from Herbert Silbersack . lead second violin of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra from whom I took lessons for several years. Any information would be appreciated in furtherance of a valuation for the instrument
  2. I have a Carlisle that was I purchased from lead second violinist of the Cinti symphony orchestra in 1958 or so from whom I was taking lessons. The violin is thumb printed , numbered 1137 and dated June 1943, Cincinnati Oh. It has a different name as the maker however-- a Thomas Carlisle. The similarities to the John Reynold Carlisle tradestyle are such that I wonder if he perhaps had a son in the trade or used an alias for those of his manufacture that were made in his Sears employment. The dating and number of the violin is such that I doubt a son would have amassed such a large body of work which again leads me to believe it is a J R Carlisle under a nom de plume. Any thoughts or knowledge of similar circumstance would be appreciated.
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