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  1. This happened to me once. the luthier apologised and re-haired it free of charge. He has done excellent work for me on other occasions so I was happy to accept that he had just mad a mistake.
  2. There never was a Herman in the Hermits. the name refers to Sherman, a cartoon character (referring to Peter Noone) The name was changed to Herman (one "H")
  3. I always found that practicing the tricky bits of your concerto when everyone else is warming up with scales gets lots of admiring looks. At least, I think they are admiring looks but I am short sighted.
  4. Bromptons seem to think its a genuine Prell. Any thoughts https://www.bromptons.co/auction/1st-10th-september-2021/lots/183-a-german-silver-mounted-cello-bow-by-herman-wilhelm-prell.html
  5. Correct, I played the cello. It was quite poor with a weak C string (why have a cello with a weak C?). Sold for about £7,000 plus buyers premium.
  6. In addition to Philips comments, wheeling a cello around a city involves inevitable bumps as it goes over cracks in the pavement (sidewalk if you prefer) which will cause the cello to go out of tune. Not a big deal I suppose, but I'd rather just have minor tuning to do on arrival rather than starting with a completely slack string.
  7. I use a Musilia case which is super light and well designed. The only thing I dont like is the bow holders which have velcro. Philip had already pointed out that this is a problem. I agree to avoid wheels.
  8. Not easy in an orchestra. If all the cellists are taking their instruments back to the cases after the pre performance run through, then again at the interval there is a risk of damage by doing this. On a wood floor the edges are reasonably safe if the instrument is rolled into place rather than slid along the floor.
  9. I dont think anyone on Maestronet will give you a figure for the value of these cellos. If Jacob Saunders says they are German that is probably what they are. I am a cellist not a maker, dealer or expert but they seem vastly overpriced to me. It might help to know which part of the world you are in as that will affect your choices. Also, you have a cello, what do you know about it and why are you looking to replace it?
  10. I would agree that household insurance is inadequate. There will probably be exclusions, for example, theft from a vehicle. I use Allianz who are excellent and will cover all risks.
  11. He asked if anyone shares his enthusiasm. There was a comment about Ebay. I can understand why he got defensive.
  12. The name, I guess, is supposed to be Jean Dominique Adam but I think his bows were stamped "Adam".
  13. I've never seen soundholes like this. Where are these fiddles from?
  14. David Finkel (ex cellist with the Emmerson quartet), uses a scouring pad, the sort you use in the kitchen to wash pans by hand, on the strings after playing. Since I heard about this I've done the same. It is very effective at removing rosin build up and doesn't seem to damage the string at all. But this could be something cellists are happy to do but violinists wouldn't contemplate. After all many cellists (not me) are happy to rest their cellos on hard floors and wear down the edge of the belly in the process. Meanwhile violinists are wrapping their violins in silk scarves.
  15. I thought that might be the case Jacob. It's the problem of someone with almost zero knowledge on a subject asking a naive question I suppose. I am certainly not expecting anyone to write me a thesis. But from my current level of awareness even the fact the experts infer something from the nicks is a revelation.
  16. Elgar cello concerto. I've got the first chord almost in tune so that's a start right?
  17. Thanks David. Yes, "sound holes" is probably a better term. I am aware that the earlier instruments had C shaped sound holes. I also have read that the shape and size of the sound holes has an impact on sound. What I am unclear about is issues like undercut holes or darkened internal edges. Can anything be inferred from these features
  18. You are wasting your time and energy David. In my short time here I have realised that the forum has some incredibly knowledgeable people but also many who think they know more than they do whilst lacking even a semblance of humility.
  19. The shape of f holes, as i understand it, it an important part of assessing a violin (or cello) and I am just beginning to see some differences. I'm sure there are some characteristics that experts home in on which are totally missed by people like me. Obviously Strad vs Guarneri are different (examples attached) but are there features that point to other schools? I have heard mention of whether the holes are circular or whether the edge of the holes are cut back (chamfered away from the opening). Interested to hear any thoughts
  20. I wasn't commenting on Mr Saunders undoubted expertise. I was explaining my previous comment about the cost of the cello being immaterial.
  21. Please point to the post I made which suggests this. I dont recall ever thinking it was a paricularly good deal. The sum I paid is immaterial to me.
  22. There is no white glue. That was a comment based on a badly lit photograph. All the glue is transparent hard and light brown in colour.
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