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  1. This link may help, cochineal (carmine) is red at neutral pH, goes orange at acid pH and purple at alkali pH
  2. This is my final post in this thread. I started a new (rambling perhaps) thread because I wanted to separate my own cheap Chinese /Reghin PVA glued, ugly cello from a discussion on construction methods in 20th C Mirecourt. I dont believe this academic question has been answered. Any further information on my modern fake cello will be posted in the other thread.
  3. Sorry, I think you misunderstand me. I should have put "we know that...." in quotation marks. That is the statement that has been made (or parphrased) by others here and is what I am questioning. Not sure I really understand why you need to be so rude, but if that's the way it is I will leave you all in peace.
  4. But doesn't this become a self fulfilling prophecy? We know all 20th Century Mirecourt instruments were build using an outside form. So, suppose I bring a fiddle to you for appraisal. I looks French but maybe not quite typical. Not quite as symmetrical as you expect. It has a French label but that means nothing, it has black chamfers on the pegbox, but thats not a reliable sign. So you look inside, appears to be built on an inside mould, so it can't possibly by Mirecourt.
  5. Several contributions to this discussion are quite clear that Mirecourt instruments were made using external forms. Are you saying that, in your view, internal forms may have been used on occasions?
  6. My expertise (or lack thereof) is totally irrelevant to this discussion
  7. Not at all. I think the point has already been made that good and poor instruments can be made by both methods. I am merely questioning the received wisdom that "all instruments from JTL, LH or other factories were built using an outside form". I have yet to see anything that confirms that view categorically and seen quit a lot to suggest that it may be incorrect. I get the impression that, rather like the flat earth society, the violin trade insiders have a view and dislike any suggestion that the view might be wrong.
  8. Thank you for posting that picture. Do you know the approximate date when this form was made and used?
  9. I dont think anyone is questioning that a specific rib construction method (external form) was the most prevalent in Mirecourt, nor that identifying the method helps with establishing the likely origin of an instrument. The question relates to the fact that there were very skilled luthers employed by JTL and even more so at LH, who made much more expensive models which were described as hand made. It is possible, I would have thought, that some of these luthiers, at least on occasion, would have used an inside mould, especially if creating a model that was to be sold as a "copy of an Italian".
  10. So far we have the following 1. No inner moulds were used on Mirecourt. That is what I believe and will continue to believe 2. Advertising lies so the images on the brochure must be incorrect 3. I have looked at thousands of instruments and never seen a Mirecourt one made on an inner mould (of course, if point 1 applies this will always be the case).
  11. Thanks for explaining. So my issue is that the LH catalogue features an article on how they make violins. It shows an internal mould. It has been suggested that internal moulds were not used and this article was just to "pretend" that Cremonese methods were used in Mirecourt. If, as you correctly say, most musicians don't care about the construction methods, what is the point of this article,? Apart from a bit of background for those interested. In which case, there is no point lying and one has to assume that internal moulds were used.
  12. So do you believe the construction methods in the catalogue are actually the methods used? Or are they just advertising?
  13. I dont understand your point and I think you have a real attitude problem
  14. If that is the case (and I think that is the case), why put the construction methods in the catalogue,
  15. That is exactly the point I was trying to make