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  1. Hey, it's me again! I got locked out of my account due to not remembering the password and not being able to access my email address of that era because....it was hotpop and it no longer exists. I did end up giving the lecture. I'm here simply because I stumbled upon some folders of hard disk backups (in complicated folder trees many levels deep going all the way back to 1996...) and found the document I used for my presentation. I remember having it printed on transparent acrylic paper and using simple light retroprojectors. The document itself was so awkwardly jam packed with information. I ended up becoming a teacher myself and man, how things have evolved on my presentation chops! I'm kind of amazed that this place is still standing, but not surprised at the same time. I have fond memories of here and was always grateful to find a helpful community of like-minded musicians so I could escape the drudgery of grad school. BACK TO THE TOPIC - if I had to redo the presentation, I'd explore if people have used simulators to find better violin shape using AI and spiking the learning algorithm with real world people selecting the best sound between 2 samples, on a mass scale (kind of like those 'spot the tiles with buses' tests you see on the web).
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