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  1. Hey people, my name is Jakub and I'm new here So, in my first post I wanted some opinion on the violin I found in a trash few years ago. I don't even hope it's an original Stainer, but it's labeled as one, tho the label is really faded. I did my best to capture it on the pic, but it looks like handwritten one. Another thing is that the violin looks like it went through a lot, there are few marks of some gruesome repair attempts. The scroll looks just uneven, it's nowhere near the scrolls on pictures of some real Stainers I've checked out, but would love to hear some expert opinion As for the sound, to me they sounds fantastic, but I don't play violin, and never played any other violin There is also this bad crack under the bridge. It's not getting any bigger, and the instrument was checked by a luthier when I found it, but not sure if it shouldn't be patched again. To sum up, I think it's at least quite interesting instrument, definitely with a history, and I would love to hear if anyone knows anything about it Thanks! Here is full album with the pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Mj4aoYChqryEAWJy8
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