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  1. I am curious as well. The folks at Tarisio research and see more instruments than most. They are experts at evaluating condition and provenance. I would think their estimates are generally very accurate. Often I have noticed items in T2 selling for far more than retail. These items usually have no certificate and need repairs. If the attribution were clear and condition good, it would sell in the fine auction. I am assuming the bidders are not in the trade and have more cash than common sense. A good recipe for sellers and auctioneers.
  2. There is a place in Durham called Indie Strings. Matt Stutzman is the owner and he is super nice. He runs a beginner orchestra for adults and sells stringed instruments. He has a good inventory of lower priced fiddles. Maybe give him a try. Good luck!
  3. Sorry I totally missed that. I try to give JM a plug whenever possible.
  4. I would recommend John Montgomery in Raleigh. He is very competent and honest. Anything you purchase from him will be properly conditioned and set up and he will be there to service it.
  5. Lot 547 seems to be getting some early action. violin labeled Capicchioni
  6. Rue, thanks for sharing this information. Now I understand what “Gluey” the violin is mostly made of! lol
  7. Sometimes it’s entertaining to start a new dialogue and invite new members to participate or give existing members something new to say on an old topic. I wasn’t trying to open old wounds.
  8. Thanks Jeffrey. Your mom gave good advice. Just to be clear I was not considering Mr. Rosa for any violin work. I happened to come across his video on YouTube as I was searching for videos on violin restoration to watch. John Montgomery currently has one of my violins in his shop doing a complete restoration so it got me curious. I think he does quality work and I have no desire to use anyone else. I will be sure to pass along your greeting next time I visit.
  9. Fortunately, I have a very good and reputable local luthier, John Montgomery in Raleigh, NC. I’m pretty sure he knows his business and is quite reliable and trustworthy. But, Mr. Rosa has been in business for 40 years and seems to have many satisfied customers like the owner of this subject fiddle.
  10. It is very difficult for a layperson to know if they’re dealing with a knowledgeable expert in any given field versus a hack who talks a good game.
  11. He seems confident in the glue-up as he does not cleat most cracks. After a failed attempt at retouching he ends up stripping off the original varnish and air-brushing MinWax stain followed by oil varnish. Better than painting it purple I suppose.
  12. Rosa String Works okay I think I finally figured out how to insert a link.
  13. I thought I had inserted a link to the video. I’m trying here once again. If it doesn’t work, the luthier is Jerry Rosa of Rosa String Works in Missouri US. I don’t know if he is formerly trained or self taught or if his work is very good. I am not a luthier so I can’t fairly assess the quality. I am just curious and would like to learn more about violin making and repair.
  14. I was watching this video on YouTube of the repair to a massively damaged violin. The luthier uses Titebond glue and insists that it is better than warm hide glue. I have not seen or heard this before. Is this an acceptable product to use? I am just curious.
  15. Seems an insanely high price to pay for that instrument. Why do people go so crazy for E.H. Roth fiddles? I cannot say I have ever been impressed by one.
  16. There seems to be no shortage of horrid attempts at violin making on YouTube these days. Although, I do applaud the effort and interest in anything violin related.
  17. What is the appeal of buying or selling an expensive instrument using Shop Goodwill? Do they have expert appraisers and luthiers on staff? Do they provide reliable attributions or condition reports? The OP violin looks a shambles.
  18. Following is from Tarisio Auctions: Attributions and Authorship Authorship is described in the following ways: By Antonio Stradivari: The authors of this catalog believe in their best judgment that this work was made by this maker and guarantee it to be so. For further information on this guarantee, please see our Terms of Use. Attributed to Antonio Stradivari: A work believed to be by this maker by popular consensus or past opinion, but not by the authors of this catalog. Ascribed to Antonio Stradivari: A work believed to be by this maker in the opinion of the authors of the accompanying certificates or letters, but not by the authors of this catalog. Composite: An instrument where the front and back are not made by the same maker. In this case our attribution is to the more important, and in most cases the earlier, component. Probably (or possibly) by Antonio Stradivari: A work about which there is divided opinion. Under the direction of Antonio Stradivari: A work executed under the guidance of and with the direct involvement of this maker. Workshop of Antonio Stradivari: A work executed in the style of this maker, most probably under his supervision and with his involvement. Circle of: A work believed to be by someone associated with the maker, working under his direct or indirect influence. School of Antonio Stradivari: The work of a follower of the maker or region stated. Labeled (or stamped, branded) Antonio Stradivari: An instrument not necessarily the work of the maker stated but labeled or branded as such.
  19. Interesting fiddle with many nice characteristics. Looks like it will need a major overhaul. I would love to see it fully restored.
  20. Looks as though several bidders thought very highly of lot 226. Sold for way over estimate.
  21. I find this instrument to be very interesting and unique. Although the scroll is somewhat haphazard and childish, it is beautiful in a rustic, primitive way. I wonder how it sounds? Does it appear to be 18th century? Tyrolese or Italian?
  22. Melvin, that is beautiful work. I only wish I had the skill to do it. I can appreciate the craftsmanship but I’ve never carved anything beyond a roast.
  23. Yes. I agree it would be best for my luthier to furnish the fittings. Thanks.
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