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  1. Hi All, I just purchased a viola by Umberto Lanaro, Padua, 1959. I read the Cozio archive of him and his late brother Luigi. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge of the maker or experience with his instruments they can share? Thank you!
  2. I tried a couple of Wilkies in the violin shop a few years back. One was a shop model for around $2k I didn’t much care for it. The other was a real master made and it was much nicer. I quite liked it but thought the price was a bit extreme at $7k. I personally could not justify paying that much for a Wilkie. This one looks really nice and in good condition.
  3. Here are the T2 photos. I agree with you. The two instruments look vastly different.
  4. I am fairly certain it is a Franz Sandner. From my own research I believe it was one of their best models offered. It appears well made and does in fact sound good overall although rather one dimensional without much complexity. But it is much better than what I was expecting. I bought it at the October T2 auction for a few hundred dollars.
  5. Hi Davide, Unfortunately I do not have a scale to accurately measure the weight.
  6. Thank you baroquecello. Those are all great ideas. Exactly what I was looking for. If the fiddle was of any real value I would bring it in to my luthier. But it’s not so I will have some fun tinkering around with it.
  7. I put a leather mute about 5 mm from the bridge. Seems helpful.
  8. Hi All, I recently acquired a new fiddle for outdoor gigs. It is a not very expensive 1994 Franz Sandner model 48KCB. It came with Dominant strings which sounded rather strident and harsh. I switched to Eudoxa with a Wondertone E. It sounds rather nice now. But it seems to be overly resonant. Is there a simple adjustment I can do myself to tame it down a bit? Or is this the type of sound that would be better for outdoor playing? Thank you!
  9. I am curious as well. The folks at Tarisio research and see more instruments than most. They are experts at evaluating condition and provenance. I would think their estimates are generally very accurate. Often I have noticed items in T2 selling for far more than retail. These items usually have no certificate and need repairs. If the attribution were clear and condition good, it would sell in the fine auction. I am assuming the bidders are not in the trade and have more cash than common sense. A good recipe for sellers and auctioneers.
  10. There is a place in Durham called Indie Strings. Matt Stutzman is the owner and he is super nice. He runs a beginner orchestra for adults and sells stringed instruments. He has a good inventory of lower priced fiddles. Maybe give him a try. Good luck!
  11. Sorry I totally missed that. I try to give JM a plug whenever possible.
  12. I would recommend John Montgomery in Raleigh. He is very competent and honest. Anything you purchase from him will be properly conditioned and set up and he will be there to service it.
  13. Lot 547 seems to be getting some early action. violin labeled Capicchioni
  14. Rue, thanks for sharing this information. Now I understand what “Gluey” the violin is mostly made of! lol
  15. Sometimes it’s entertaining to start a new dialogue and invite new members to participate or give existing members something new to say on an old topic. I wasn’t trying to open old wounds.
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