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  1. The end of the screw appears worn. I don’t have a file and I imagine buying one would cost more than a new fine tuner. I currently have the Hill style. It looks as though the Goetz is similar in design. Has anyone used the Goetz versus the Hill?
  2. I did apply lubricant and that improved the ease of turning a bit. Bit it’s still tight and whatever reason it only has a very short adjustment.
  3. Greetings All, I need to replace my E string fine tuner as it is hard to turn and seems to have very limited range. I was shopping on Amazon for a Goetz fine tuner. But I’m not sure if this is the best available. Any advice is appreciated. TIA.
  4. Lucky it comes with instructions on how to fit the bridge. Not sure how one would mange that after putting everything else back together.
  5. That is interesting and a bit counterintuitive as ultimately the violin and bow are instruments for music making. I’ve been given some criticism for buying items from Tarisio without having played them. But at the end of the day I agree with your premise. Sound and playability are not as important in determining collectibility or price. However, I have found generally that more expensive instruments tend to sound better to my ear. I imagine the good sound is a likely byproduct of good making.
  6. Would you not agree there are sound characteristics that are universally desirable such as clarity, power, evenness, projection, and richness? Surely a good sounding instrument possessing such characteristics would fetch more if compared to a mediocre sounding one.
  7. Update... I received the bow yesterday via FedEx. As usual, Tarisio did a nice job with the protective packaging and it was delivered on time as expected. The bow itself is in excellent condition. The wood is nicely figured and has no cracks or scratches. The frog and button are also in excellent condition with beautiful pearl accents and polished metal. The craftsmanship overall appears to be very nice in my opinion. It is well balanced and feels weightless in the hand with easy off the string handling. It produces a very agreeable sound with rich overtones. I am pleasantly surprised
  8. Seems like a bargain for a Strad. Perhaps I should cash out my 401k
  9. Yes Philip perhaps after the pandemic has completely ended I will make a pilgrimage of my own! Do you know how the private sales work? Do they start at a particular price range?
  10. I’m not brave enough to buy on eBay. Seems like the Wild West - anything goes. I do feel quite safe buying from Tarisio.
  11. Germain, if I lived close to NYC I would definitely visit and try the items beforehand. But it is not possible for me to travel there so it’s a bit of a gamble. Tarisio has been very helpful with answering questions and providing sound samples and additional photos when requested. I’m sure nothing beats being there in person though.
  12. I don’t know about brave. Most would probably say dumb. Regardless, I am extremely happy with my purchase. The instrument sounds and plays wonderfully. I consider the price a bargain.
  13. Years ago folks would order instruments and bows from companies like Wurlitzer via print catalog sight unseen without playing them. It was quite common and people must have had good experiences because they did it for decades. Most of Tarisio customers are global and buy the same way. I believe they typically sell 2-4 million USD per auction. I reckon at least $20M in annual sales. They must be doing something right.
  14. Hi Martin, I appreciate your thoughts. I know you are a fine and knowledgeable dealer. I am sure you have an impeccable inventory of the best instruments and bows. I’m fairly certain my bows would not be up to your high standards nor that of your discerning clients. But I do believe there is a retail market for these items and they would bring a greater sum than what I paid in some cases and in others I would likely make a full recovery. There will always be a buyer if the condition is good and the price is right. Especially if the item is certified and historically significant. Regardi