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  1. Winning bid was $1560 usd including premium
  2. @Gtone. I did not end up bidding on the item. It looked like a nice stick but the authenticity was unclear and the length too odd. I reckon the balance and camber would be off.
  3. It is an unusual length 77.3 cm with button, 75.8 cm without.
  4. This is a T2 item. Button is not original.
  5. It is bearing the Hill stamp on the other side. But there are no maker’s marks on the tip plate or under the frog and mortise that I could see. I am wondering if it is a nice German copy or an authentic Hill.
  6. Greetings, Please give any thoughts and assessments of this bow. Age, origin, maker, quality, etc. Thank you!
  7. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, mercy me, that is an ugly fiddle.
  8. You have good taste. The Carl Becker Sr. violin is absolutely beautiful. Very fine quality and sound. I wish it was mine!
  9. I played one that sounded really nice. It wasn’t in pristine condition and looked as though it had been played hard for many years. I thought it was way overpriced at $10k. The dealer insisted that the violin was one of the few bench made by W. Wilkanowski himself. He had another Wilkanowski for sale, presumably a workshop model for $4k. I didn’t like the sound or feel. The neck was rather narrow and the tone thin.
  10. I use a tiny piece of leather under the bridge.
  11. I trust Tarisio more than most of the podunk dealers out there. When they do give an attribution it is backed up and guaranteed. Even in the T2 auctions I have had good luck and positive experiences with the staff.
  12. Genetically modified mutant violas have come to exact revenge upon the violin world for centuries of demeaning viola jokes. Run for the hills!
  13. Perhaps Warchal strings are more delicate. I have never used string protectors and never broke an e-string at the loop. But I do change my strings out regularly.
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