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  1. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, mercy me, that is an ugly fiddle.
  2. You have good taste. The Carl Becker Sr. violin is absolutely beautiful. Very fine quality and sound. I wish it was mine!
  3. I played one that sounded really nice. It wasn’t in pristine condition and looked as though it had been played hard for many years. I thought it was way overpriced at $10k. The dealer insisted that the violin was one of the few bench made by W. Wilkanowski himself. He had another Wilkanowski for sale, presumably a workshop model for $4k. I didn’t like the sound or feel. The neck was rather narrow and the tone thin.
  4. I use a tiny piece of leather under the bridge.
  5. I trust Tarisio more than most of the podunk dealers out there. When they do give an attribution it is backed up and guaranteed. Even in the T2 auctions I have had good luck and positive experiences with the staff.
  6. Genetically modified mutant violas have come to exact revenge upon the violin world for centuries of demeaning viola jokes. Run for the hills!
  7. Perhaps Warchal strings are more delicate. I have never used string protectors and never broke an e-string at the loop. But I do change my strings out regularly.
  8. Interesting concept of adjustability on the fly. I’m curious as to how this may affect tone and feel. I commend the innovation.
  9. After filing down the screw tip I noticed a small improvement. I decided to go ahead and try the Gotz adjuster anyway. It was only $10 through Amazon and it installed easily. The quality seems quite good and the hook is pre-finished with no sharp edges. It fit perfectly and looks fantastic. The mechanism works smoothly and provides adequate adjustment. Not sure if my ears are deceiving me, but it seems to have improved the clarity of the instrument a bit. I am satisfied thus far. Thanks all for the input.
  10. The end of the screw appears worn. I don’t have a file and I imagine buying one would cost more than a new fine tuner. I currently have the Hill style. It looks as though the Goetz is similar in design. Has anyone used the Goetz versus the Hill?
  11. I did apply lubricant and that improved the ease of turning a bit. Bit it’s still tight and whatever reason it only has a very short adjustment.
  12. Greetings All, I need to replace my E string fine tuner as it is hard to turn and seems to have very limited range. I was shopping on Amazon for a Goetz fine tuner. But I’m not sure if this is the best available. Any advice is appreciated. TIA.
  13. Lucky it comes with instructions on how to fit the bridge. Not sure how one would mange that after putting everything else back together.
  14. That is interesting and a bit counterintuitive as ultimately the violin and bow are instruments for music making. I’ve been given some criticism for buying items from Tarisio without having played them. But at the end of the day I agree with your premise. Sound and playability are not as important in determining collectibility or price. However, I have found generally that more expensive instruments tend to sound better to my ear. I imagine the good sound is a likely byproduct of good making.
  15. Thank you Shelbow Thank you George
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