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  1. Funny I see London, Manchester, etc. but somehow this is a map made by some Chinese cartographer? When one states they are from America U.S. fine but if one break down what state one is from you say California or New York, etc. That’s easy to comprehend. My wife comes from a family called Worthingtons not that that matters to you at this point in time as you and others have taken a dislike of me as can be read in this post and others.
  2. Do you even LIVE in the United Kingdom?
  3. Haven’t learned anything really and enjoy the postings of old violins. I’m not here to ‘learn’ violin making, violin repairs, etc.
  4. Sorry you feel this way! I have many ‘English’ friends along with many others including Scots, Irish, etc. What I was inferring was that many English can be outright rude and obnoxious but this doesn’t include all of them. Reading comprehension 101.
  5. Yes because as you know I’m just stupid right? I will assume you need to do a little geography and history of your country!
  6. In my field we had such an individual who was arrogant, thought he was beyond reproach, etc. all the things we see here. Well we reported him to the engineering licensing board of our state and he lost his license to practice, lost his job, credibility, and now lucky if he can get a job as a draftsman.
  7. But it’s his money right? I see nothing wrong with getting this instrument repaired why so much fuss?
  8. This made me laugh Uncle… my wife is English from an old family of Wales. I’ve never seen this sort of ‘English’ way you speak of. Yes the English can be very arrogant, dream of self sueriority, and walking on clouds but most of the ones I’ve met aren’t worth two shakes to bother with. Administrators we need the ‘Ignore Button’ for those we wish to ignore… and yes perhaps I may be placed on iignore as well!
  9. Jeffrey understand what you said but how does that qualify for his attack on a public forum? It it was anyone else with such an attack would this not have been cleaned up and a waring issued?
  10. Yeah I missed that. After the repairs by a reputable luthier or even an amatuer restorer (what has he got to lose), I would get the violin accessory kit to replace those items. It may even be a great sounding instrument.
  11. There is no need for childish talk!
  12. Why… why would you care? After calling it nasty and cheap making this new member feel aweful after indicating his dying mother passed it on to him! Shame on you!
  13. Condolences to your mother. As such I would take this instrument to a reputable luthier to repair the rear upper bout, clean and revarnish areas worn out. Nice woods and regarding if it’s a real Vuilluame or not who cares? It was passed on to you by family and holds considerable value to you and you can pass it to your heirs. Regarding the bow get it rehaired and you will have a nice bow to go with your family heirloom.
  14. In Jewish religion they have what’s called the dybbuk where an item captures an evil spirit. There is an interesting violin piece devoted to this ritual. Safari - Jul 28, 2021 at 4:08 PM.pdf
  15. That’s what I thought also but the spooky story sounds better.
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