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  1. Mystic, Blank and Strad: I have sent a question to Framus, will await reply. A more thorough search here at MN turned up another label, quite not the same but similar: Pity the OP did not have a camera, I have sent a DM to ask if he still has the violin. EDIT: The answer was no, no pic avaliable!
  2. I think the label is interesting owing to the fact that it does not proclaim the instrument to be of fancy (and thus false) origin. Also, the manufacturer was sufficiently "overt" in his dealings to use a model code on the label and duplicate the code on the instrument itself. Strad: That was a totally awesome pattern recognition! Alas, I think the two logos do not match...
  3. Hello Maestros, First time poster here. Around 1987, I was given this violin as a gift. My family moved from Sweden to Kenya in the middle of the 80s - my father had signed up for a contract with a development agency. Anyway, having arrived there, I started studying for a former concert violinist, hailing from the UK. He had moved to Africa at the beginning of the 20th century, working and living in South Africa and (as it was to be known) Kenya. (In fact, he helped writing the national anthem for Kenya!) When my fathers contract was up and it was time to move back to Sweden, my parents asked if my teacher perhaps could advise on buying a better violin for me. Long story short, they bought his 2nd violin and gave it to me. I was around 16 years old at the time. My son has recently taken his first steps in learning the violin. Hopefully, he'll one day like this one (when he is large enough for at 4/4). Now, for the question: I know the provenance of the instrument, even got a receipt of the last time is was adjusted down in Nairobi. But I am very curious about the actual make and where to "place" the instrument as to its style. Anyone who can help me here?
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