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  1. I just saw that Florian Leonhard has opened up in SF. Has anybody found the opportunity to visit this shop yet? Having lived in the SF Bay Area for most of my life, I've always gone to Roland Feller's place on Divisadero for all my violin needs, but I suppose the more options the better. I can't even seem to find an address or phone number for this new branch yet.
  2. I found this nice schematic of different string tensions: I've used Dominant, Evah Pirazzi, and PI before. PI is definitely powerful, although I generally stick to dominant as it is reliable and pleasant. Evah Pirazzi is awesome but the winding seems to fall apart more quickly than dominant. I just started using a set of PI so I cannot report on longevity yet. I have a set of Tonicas on my backup violin because it is cheap, but I honestly never felt that it was worse than the other strings. Maybe I should try Tonica on m
  3. Some updates on the violin search! I managed to try a bunch more violins recently. The two that stood out the most to me were local makers Andrew Ryan and Ben Ruth, if anybody here knows them. One violin made by Dietmar Schweizer under the supervision of Zygmuntowicz was also excellent, and it also curiously had no antiquing. It was a bit of a surprise because most of the time, mentally speaking, one expects an orange, blemish-free fiddle to come from some mail order catalog and sound very squeaky, but of course this was not at all the case. The vintage violin I liked most was one by
  4. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Looks really cool. One day, after the pandemic is over... I don't doubt that there are slimy dealers out there. But as Jeff said, one should not generalize. A shop I have had repairs and appraisal done at is Mr. Roland Feller's store in San Francisco, and he also did not upsell and was definitely an upright businessman. Tangential to this "controversy", one thing that I have always been curious is whether prices are at all negotiable? Would it be very tacky to ask for a discount... perhaps if I buy a nice bow at the same time?
  5. Yes, in fact the two contemporary American violins that I liked were made by two staff of the Reuning workshop! The violins were outstanding, and the very polite sales associate did not upsell or pressure me, so I can definitely speak very highly of this shop. Perhaps next time I should ask to try some of their other fancy violins like their Carl Becker for comparison.
  6. Thank you for your thoughtful reply, I appreciate it. What you said sounds completely reasonable to me, and is in agreement with what I have been wondering but have not been able to put to words. I agree the workmanship definitely seems better on moderns, dimensions also more standardized and less "weird", so to speak. I think tone is subjective, but I also find moderns to be very good. Many people in this thread have suggested to try more violins, which could only be a good thing! My experience is that when I call a shop, they ask for a price range and then prepare a handful of violins
  7. I disagree. When one pays tens of thousands of dollars of hard earned money for a violin, is it so ridiculous to consider resale value as one of several factors? I have zero interest in buying a collectible that sounds bad, but I would like to avoid purchasing a fine sounding violin that is one day difficult to sell. This is a large sum of money and the soundness of the financial decision is important to me.
  8. I appreciate the helpful suggestions here! When shopping for my first violin from $5-$10k, I felt the new violins did not compare well to the old Germans instruments. At $30k, I feel the roles have reversed and new violins seemed to me (a little) better. (Would it be in good etiquette to disclose some of the makers of the violins I tried?) I will try and test more violins, and thankfully I am not in a rush to get a new instrument. As GeorgeH mentioned above, when my budget is stretched higher there are some nice vintage options that I have not had the chance to try. This is what I am
  9. Hi Everybody, I am an amateur violinist who has been playing since high school (over 10 years ago) on a German trade violin purchased for about $8k. Although it is not a valuable instrument, my teacher and I picked it out of many instruments on the market, and I find that it has a powerful tone that exceeds its price. My playing has not yet exceeded the instrument's tonal limits, but a bit as a personal reward for myself and just out of love for music and instruments, I am considering getting a new, better violin. I have set a wide budget at this time, from $20k up to $50k at the absol