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  1. Yes i guess i forgot to mention that I use hill style fine tuners for my E and was looking for a light weight tuner for my A string. The BC tuner arrived but it does not fit my tail peice, I might take it to my luthier to fit it.
  2. really? i bought a B&C one (still being shipped from Canada) 2 weeks ago to be a nice fine tuner for my A string on a high arch violin. I thought it would be a good solution since the other options for ball strings are quite large and would scrape my violin
  3. Ive been using their hill type loop titanium tuners for a while and they are very high quality, but i saw this on Amazon and was intrigued. Has anyone tried these types of fine tuners? Amazon.com: STRADPET Violin Built-in Titanium Fine Tuner set for BALL-end string, Violin and viola accessories : Musical Instruments
  4. Hello ive been getting into the gut world, i play mostly romantic era to modern repertoire in a chamber, symphony, and solo setting. I have used the tricolre strings by gamut in the standard "heifetz" setup but i have changed it to a wrapped D (i find the unwrapped one too thick and kinda iffy). The strings lasted from about March 2021 to late August (6 months) and were not dead when i changed them. The only reason i changed them was because the strings were fraying and felt bad under the hand. I had snipped off any large frays and was generally happy with the strings' performance in Florida heat and humidity. Does anyone have any advice for making gut strings last longer???
  5. i found a finger splint on amazon, anyone tried those?
  6. thank you all ive been working on it and its a little better, ive gotten all my other fingers loosened up
  7. Ive been using them for a while and i think they are my new perminate string, the G is perfectly delectable and the A matches very well, I get exactly what I want from them. It matches the character of my violin but i think i will switch to a silver wound D bc the naked gut is a little thick. Ive had no issues with them how ever this time around im going to get un varnished and im trying the high tension out
  8. Hello, Im trying the "Heifetz Setup" once my violin gets out of the shop. It is the tricolore, by Gamut strings, silver wound gut G, naked D&A, and the Goldbrokat medium E. Before i used the pirastro passione g, EP gold D & A and the wondertone E. Does anyone have experience with the Tricolores? Im new to the gut world. P.S. here's gamut's website if you are interested Gamut Music. Inc. this is the strings Gut Music Strings - Violin Strings - Tricolore Violin Strings - Gamut Music
  9. My problem come when i try vibrato, when im playing without vibrato my finger has no problems staying arched
  10. Thanks,ive been trying some pinky exercises i found online and they seem to be helping, but if it doesnt get better i will mention it at the doctors.
  11. Im going back to the basics with my vibrato after realizing that my pinky is locking up in the knuckle closest to the nail. If it helps i use a combination of wrist/arm, and im working on trying a little finger vibrato. Any suggestions?
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