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  1. Thank you all for feedback. Mountain, you probably meant 'gold' figurally? Are you familiar with Riedl's work?
  2. Hello, Can someone help identify the following bow, together with the materials that you might recognize? It has the name 'Rudolf Riedl', and came with 2 violins (a cottage-industry 'Markie' late 19th C. and a manufacture branded Marquis Delair Doiseaux early 20th C.) Would this be considered as an average student-bow?
  3. Hello, Has anyone seen violin pieces by a composer named Rautenkoll? I came across a couple of duo violin practice pieces and was hoping to find more of the same composer, but I did not find anything on the web. The sheets are relatively small, h 27 cm x w 18 cm, and seem to have been published a while ago. Editor is german I think (Mayence = Mainz, Germany), but titles are printed in french and price in krones (Scandinavia?). Ideas and suggestions are welcome.
  4. Interesting video! Out of curiosity, I took a look on the wikipedia page of strad's ( Some info might be outdated or missing, but the general trend in that lists shows many instruments that are on loan and linked to foundations/trusts. I wouldn't feel comfortable receiving such a highly valued antique instrument on loan, a lot of things can happen while rehearsing, performing or travelling with it. On the other hand, I presume that for some players the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (for the audience the instrumen
  5. Thank you for feedback. It confirms again that they put completely random labels of all sorts on their instruments, except "Deutsches Cello"
  6. Hello Looking for some help for identifying the following cello. Body length 76cm Possibly imported into Germany, where a wholesaler adds a his/her label? Ideas about the approximate age?
  7. Hi all, Looking for some help for identifying the origins of this violin? Body length 35,6cm (button not included). Does this one seem to be a real marquis delair to you? Any ideas, suggestions?
  8. Thank you for the feedback. Mentioning a fake label made me remember that I noticed how the label seems to have been erased manually rather than by accident. Maybe a person before me also identified the origins and wanted to get rid of the label. I'm not familiar with the term "screwdriver ageing". Does it mean to manually increase the antique appearance of the instrument (with cracks for example)?
  9. Hi all, I'm helping a family member for identifying the following violin. No plans to sell it, but definitely interested in its origins, depending on the elements that can be identified. Body length 36cm (button not included), which is slightly taller than the average violins. Bridge has been replaced, so it's no longer the original. Not much left of the label inside, just the first letters of the two lines. Any ideas, suggestions? Factory made or hand made?