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  1. It was from the fine auction of Tarisio.
  2. That is the photograph which shows the corner block and line. In my opinion, the joint shows that the corner block is obviously real, compared to the patch joint under the line. In my opinion, the crack is because of the tension direction of the block and the rib are different, it can usually be seen in the cello or bass.
  3. Here is another violin of my good friend and with good photograph just days before, the sound is not very loud but very rich, and it is labelled Nicolo Gagliano thought to be original, What do you think about it?
  4. And the it has four blocks indeed:) and the lining and corner blocks finished cleanly with abrasive. I have some Germany instrument but seems worked not that clean and the vanish is much different.
  5. wow... In my opinion, The table, the purfling and the vanish shows Italian style, The scroll is French. The Tariso used to indicate "the Labeled : Josef Rocca. Very interesting Rocca school instrument " when it was sold at the New York auction ome years ago.
  6. I have an interesting cello with elegent sound quality and it is my main cello. I love the appearance and the brilliant vanish. But It looks like something French and something Italian, Could someone give me some suggestions about the cello? It is labelled "Joseph Rocca facit Taurini Domini 1848", the last two is handwritten. A catalogue number 2681 printed in another small sticker inside too. The interior is in pristine condition, and shows attention to detail. Back length 743
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