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  1. Thanks a lot for the feedback and info. I'll get the strings off and the tailpiece removed ASAP and then update the pictures of the violin and bow when I have the chance shortly. Interesting, thanks a lot for the information. I'll do some research on the Vogtländish/Böhmische cottage industry violins from that time. I appreciate it!
  2. A violin has been passed down in my family made by an Austrian luthier named "Ambrofius Jofephius Bogner" in Vienna back in 1824. (Another spelling I've seen is Ambrosius Josephus Bogner). It looks to be in decent shape. I've tried researching this luthier quite a bit and haven't come up with very much. I'm mainly curious if the violin is worth restoring and playing, I know that sound quality can be hit or miss. Does anyone have any info on this violin or the luthier, or know of a ballpark value estimate? Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. It also came with an old German 'Bruno Heinze' pearl inlayed bow which I know nothing about.
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