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  1. I am not he by the way:) i realized but just have a little hope. That's it.
  2. Sorry, Austria of course:) The flea market was open on Saturdays in front of Kettenbrückengasse subway stop they said. I was staying at Cordial Appartements very close there. Just before i departed for my plane, i stopped by. As you mention i bought it from gypsies. Funny comments:) i deeply understand what you say and try to get over:) I am in Turkey now. So, i really appreciate for your help. Thanks to you all.
  3. Hello everyone, i need help I bought this violin from a flea market in Vienna, Australia when i was travelling in 2015. I was beginner and taking violin lessons. Then, my violin teacher saw, got surprised and then she said she had seen a violin like that in the museums. She loved its voice as i love. I googled the violin maker and find some info. I give up the lessons and i want to sell my violin. But i really don'