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  1. I ordered a Ming Jiang Zhu 905 Violin and a Fiddlershop brand Symphony, as well as several different bows this morning. Im going to use their trial period to have my instructor look them over and help me pick the one that best fits me. And to reply to Wood Butcher, I just ordered this morning, the Fiddlershop is a brick and mortar shop in Florida, I am no shill for them, I just like the generous descriptions, YouTube videos, return policy, and price. For an amateur like me this makes picking a Violin easier. Theres no reason to suspect my intentions, nothing I said was outside of the norm. I wanted to start with a solid $500 Violin, not get ripped by the local shops, and looking for a quality American Violin at the end of the year. Thanks for everyones help, I'll let you guys know how it turns out. Oh and the hate towards American made violins is nuts. Id love for someone to start a thread about who these makers are and prices etc. It would be very interesting.
  2. Haha I think David Bromberg would agree with one of you and laugh at the other.
  3. Long story I played first chair Violin from 94-96 in middle school, demoted to fifth chair for not practicing, still had first chair skill, got mad, and quit. Now 25 years later I want to play again, but my nice Violin is in my sisters closet in a different state. I have a $20 Jackson Guldan garage sell violin. I bring it to the local rural shop for strings and a bridge. They make a crued bridge and fit Dominants on it. 5 days later I'm at my first private lesson and my flat A string breaks from a fine tuner adjustment. Teacher looks at my strings and says there is no way they are less than a week old. So shop sold me junk strings. I realize after 25 years that all though my playing ability is gone, my ear is still there. I order a cheap $100 "The Guldan" off eBay to tide me over until I pick a nicer Violin, and I know its cheap but I love American History. Bring to to the "best" shop 3 towns over and tell them it sounds bright can they restring it and mellow it out. Pick the Violin up ($110) Obligato's later and come home, it will not stay in tune for more than 5 seconds. I find that the pegs have been swapped around, holes in wrong location, tons of brown wax/grease, and they cracked the peg box near the hole on the E string. I say screw it and go to order the fiddler man Concert Delux, out of stock. This brings me to the problem. I can't trust any of the shops to look out for my best interest and not try to rip me off. What I really want to do is get a nice $500-800 instrument, play it hard for 6-12 months and then upgrade to a nicely restored American classic in the 5k range. I like fiddlerman because the Violin will come ready to play, meaning I can stay away from the "expert" shops in my area. My choices are the Symphony 1200, Ming Jiang Zhu 903, or Ming Jiang Zhu 905. I can afford it, just didn't want to spend that much on a Chinese Violin aka the classic American upgrade next year. My second option is to buy from Yitamusic on eBay and hope it doesnt need a setup. Third option is to find a reasonable setup guy near Houston TX. I know I could get a nice Violin from a local shop but their $1k Violins are what fiddlerman sells for $500, so the value is off. What I would prefer to do is get a well set up Yitamusic T20 or master and go for an expensive classic next year. At this point Im really frustrated and angry. Does anybody have any recommendations?
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