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  1. I ordered a Ming Jiang Zhu 905 Violin and a Fiddlershop brand Symphony, as well as several different bows this morning. Im going to use their trial period to have my instructor look them over and help me pick the one that best fits me. And to reply to Wood Butcher, I just ordered this morning, the Fiddlershop is a brick and mortar shop in Florida, I am no shill for them, I just like the generous descriptions, YouTube videos, return policy, and price. For an amateur like me this makes picking a Violin easier. Theres no reason to suspect my intentions, nothing I said was outside of the norm. I w
  2. Haha I think David Bromberg would agree with one of you and laugh at the other.
  3. Long story I played first chair Violin from 94-96 in middle school, demoted to fifth chair for not practicing, still had first chair skill, got mad, and quit. Now 25 years later I want to play again, but my nice Violin is in my sisters closet in a different state. I have a $20 Jackson Guldan garage sell violin. I bring it to the local rural shop for strings and a bridge. They make a crued bridge and fit Dominants on it. 5 days later I'm at my first private lesson and my flat A string breaks from a fine tuner adjustment. Teacher looks at my strings and says there is no way they are