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  1. @Blank face There appears to be some consensus regarding the Mirecourt connection. I sincerely appreciate the time that members have generously given to perusing the (many) photos and the back and forth dialog between you has been interesting, to say the least. Yes, I have made inquiries to an extremely talented and highly regarded luthier in this region and am waiting to make an appointment for him to assess the work - including the items you mentioned.
  2. Indeed, there does. Here is detail on that and a couple of areas where back/rib wear reveal construction. Thoughts? @Blank face
  3. I’m interested to hear whether the internal pics posted on 3/6 address the above. Thanks.
  4. As promised, internal images related to OP. The tour moves from end block to neck block, with stops at corners and top crack repair along the way. Hope these provide some helpful direction on the ID front. @Blank face @GeorgeH
  5. @Blank faceI have an appointment to meet with an acquaintance on Saturday who has one of these cameras and plan to take several photos of the inside work, as you suggest. I will post them this weekend.
  6. Final pics, showing outside detail where top and back joins are revealed.
  7. Here's that area. Closer inspection shows it to be scratches on the back - messy attempt at setting soundpost?
  8. I thought the same thing, @Strad O Various Jr. and even the $10 annual premium (which included the $30 Nurnberger bow), was a pile of money back then. Looks like Aunt Minnie helped line the pockets of the insurance boys (the name of the insurance company is pretty interesting, at that ....). Either that, or they were staging a very complex, potentially profitable insurance scam that never played out. @GeorgeH
  9. This might well be apropos of nothing, however ... @jacobsaundersmentioned French and first half of 19th Century and it was the proverbial pebble/landslide from there. After reading that post, I recalled my father saying he had received the violin from his aunt for Christmas when he was about 10 or 11. The connection to France was also dusted off and now rattling around in my brain, but I wasn’t sure about that aspect. At any rate, to pin down his birthdate and do the math on the 10 or 11 thing, I consulted his massive, old Masonic Bible that ended up with me after he died in 2012, a
  10. Hi, @palousian, Per your request, here are closeup photos of the corners (one looks to have been repaired), and an inside shot that shows lining and what appears to be the interior of the repaired corner. Hope these prove helpful.
  11. Three sections of bow, same exposure, natural light, for wood ID.