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  1. I do have a very low quality student cello that I normally use for this purpose, but size is still an issue and I’m just waiting for the day where it gets too hot and completely falls apart. Prakticellos are very cool. I think they would probably have the best playability of any of my options. Not sure about how well they would take to having a soundbox added, seems like it would probably need to be removable to get to the inner workings for assembly. Also the price is maybe a bit high for something that’s going to be a knock around instrument. Right now I’m leaning most toward build
  2. Those trench cellos are very cool, I’m not aware of a luthier making modern reproductions. I did find a luthier who makes a “walking stick cello” on Etsy, seems very cool but I’m not sure it’s exactly what I’m looking for. I’m considering abandoning the idea of grafting a full-size neck to a smaller cello body, and simply fabricating an entirely new body instead. So a cigar box cello, or something to the like. I think a novel approach to the issue of contact points could be make the whole thing mountable to one of these NS cello endpin stands.
  3. Hello Maestronet! Hoping you can help me with an idea I’ve been kicking around. Please forgive me if this kind of thing has been asked about before, I searched for it but couldn’t find much. Basically I am very interested in finding (or more likely cobbling together) a frankenstein cello, with a full length fingerboard (and 4/4 scale length) but on a smaller body (perhaps 1/4 or even 1/8 size). This would strictly be a cheap knock-around instrument. Something to take camping, to jam sessions, etc. The idea is that the smaller body would be advantageous for portability, but the 4/4 f