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  1. thank you, nathan and jerry. the reason i asked for a recommendation is precisely because we are so spoiled for choice in boston. i googled "violin luthier in boston" and got so many hits, both individuals and companies, that i have no idea how to sort through them. i don't want to waste the time of a luthier who primarily works with handmade, fine pieces. on the other hand, i think mine is more than a school violin so i want to make sure i choose someone who is experienced and well respected. hope this clarification helps ...
  2. based on feedback from this forum, it appears that it would be worthwhile for me to have my violin restored/repaired by a competent luthier. (btw, pls let me know if you disagree with that conclusion). as such, do you have recommendations for a luthier who might be willing to assist me? thank you
  3. slk

    violin ID

    thank you ... i have read quite a few of jacob saunders' posts ... my mistake was one of terminology in making a distinction between "decent" student violins and "poor quality" mass produced ones when in fact, student violins were mass produced as well (though hopefully at a higher quality).
  4. slk

    violin ID

    george, thank you so much for the advice. i will make it a priority to get my violin to a luthier asap. i live in the boston area and think there are several in the area. is this website a good place to ask for specific recommendations?
  5. slk

    violin ID

    thanks for the information, good to know. i think this is sufficient for me to take the violin to a local shop and have it appraised. i took a closer look at the top of the violin near the bass bar. there are ridges all across and it looks like one of them but i will definitely have a luthier take a look at it specifically. i thought there was a distinction between super cheap "mass" violins worth $300-$500, and higher quality "mass" violins that would be good for somewhat serious students ... more in the $1500+ range. many thanks for everyone's thoughts.
  6. slk

    violin ID

    anyone??? forgot to mention there is a totally fake jb vuillaume rue croix des petits champs label inside.
  7. slk

    violin ID

    hello, i am new to this site and was hoping you could help me with a violin id. i am trying to figure out whether this is a poor quality mass produced instrument, or a decent student violin (i.e., worth getting an appraisal so it can be insured in case my daughter breaks it). thank you ... i love the sense of humour around here.