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  1. The don't fret definitely didn't cause the clearance issue here, it's been on there for a good four years or so and the issue has only started sometime this last year
  2. Yeah just the E-string, the action on the other strings is definitely on the lower side but still playable. It does look as though the string has cut a little into the bridge, so I slacked it off a bit and sat it on top of the bridge a couple of mm to the side of the groove to raise it slightly, still has the same issue unfortunately. Yeah I thought that's what was happening. sounds like I'll just have to wait for a luthier to take a look at it, thank you. Thanks for the response! sounds like I'll have to wait and get it seen to by a professional
  3. Hello all, I've recently decided I'd like to get back into learning the violin after neglecting it for a year or so. Today I picked it up to find a problem with the E string muting itself on the fingerboard that wasn't there the last time I practiced. I'll attach a video of the problem here: https://youtu.be/IIJ7EzHP7uI Coming from a guitar background I imagined it to be a combination of string height at the bridge and the angle of the fingerboard to the stings. However after looking online I couldn't find much information on how I'd go about raising the height at the bridge (is this usually done, or would you install a new bridge?) and adjusting the angle of the fingerboard seems to be a job for a luthier. Does anyone know what the best way to go about solving this issue might be? I was hoping something I might be able to try at home could fix it given the current covid restrictions in the UK make taking it in for a professional job a little difficult! Also any information anyone has as to how I've managed to mess up the action without touching it would be greatly appreciated! It was left on a wall hanger for most of this time if that could have done it? Thank you for reading
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