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  1. Thank you for your comments! I don't know if I'll import de-glue Goo here in Belgium, but who knows maybe there already is a similar product here in europe... Arnaud
  2. Hi there, as a professional violin maker I sometimes feel uncomfortable when an industrial instrument comes to the bench and needs reglueing. I'm talking about industrial glue that dries into "plastic-ish" layer. I usually cut chips of this old glue to test for hot water dissolution, but most often I get no happy surprise : plastic-ish, indeed! So after having mechanically removed the glue I glue it back, usually with aliphatic glue (not to mention a very famous brand name :-)) I wouldn't dare to use my good old hide glue, as I tend to consider that the wood has been sealed with the old industrial glue, preventing the hide glue to "bind" to the wood, and there is also the problem of poor contact induced by roughly fitted surfaces. This time I have this problem again, the old glue is transparent, has no colour and is brittle, and what is needed is to glue the neck back into the body, and I'm a bit scared because of the high constraint... ... would someone share with me some knowledge, some experience in this general matter? It could be easy to refuse to do such "indus" work, but I like the idea of helping everybody, discrimination based on glue type is not an option! Thank you very much. Arnaud
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