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  1. (Put above I have the example. That is not my music career and mine is shared below.) I have been a musician for less than I year. I LOVE doing it, and enjoy my time with my wonderful teacher. Sometimes I felt like giving up. But all it took, was a reassuring smile, and a sentence right smack in the middle of a page in my violin book -lol- I told myself to keep going, and now I play for my school concerts and recitals. My parents adore me being interested in the violin. (not being sarcastic btw) My grandparents like it too. If this has a date, you can see it is 2021. (
  2. Share about your ups and downs as a musician! Create an account and you can follow me! Make sure to be appropriate when replying. EX. Hi! I Have been a musician for about 2 years. I LOVE doing it, even if I'm not so good. I started in 6th grade, and now I am playing for a small music gig. I play the cello. I am very proud of how far I have come! Well, I guess be creative, never give up, and have FUN!
  3. My violin's name is gandhi after the famous man mentioned in martin luther king's story. (we we're studying him in school lol) I love my violin, and it deseverd a name with purpose! My beloved bow also needed a good name, because even if there the same instrument, they both are there separate souls and selfs. (i sometimes think my violin is dead and doesn't have a soul because it keeps haunting me by taunting that i'm a sucky violin player lol) I named it Cinder, like the black specs that litter the ground after you have a fire. I love the smell of a hot fire, and cinder's fiery s