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  1. Gotna look inside finally with a mirror from my dentist appointment this evening. I can see that someone did indeed try to glue the obvious crack. There are very small, nearly square cleats on the central seam of the top plate. Doesnt appear to be a repair but rather preventive(?) And "27" with a scribble on the upper block and 27 again on the lower block in pencil. No other markings.
  2. Some folks on another platform are saying that it is definitely not German but rather Czech. Others are saying it is definitely German. Someone has said that it looks like a J.B. Sweitzer *shrug*
  3. Thank you. A friend has been looking at a lot of photos of Markneukirchen violins and hasn't found one yet with that GERMANY branding on the button. I haven't found any whatsoever. I mean, it's the only mark on it, I find it strange not to find anything about it anywhere.
  4. Thank you. I can't explain the staining near the crack, but it doesn't appear to have been attended to yet. What is the dead giveaway for build location, or are they too numerous to list? They may be quite obvious and glaring indications to those in the know. I tried to find another example of the GERMANY branding but have come up emptyhanded. I was afraid it might be an indication of it's generic nature but I think it's lovely still and the best darn $20 violin I've seen seen ,lol.
  5. It looks like this thread has yet to be approved by a moderator? Can somebody confirm that?
  6. Hello there, new here. I'm having g a little difficulty identifying this violin on my own. I can't see anything g on the back plate through the F-holes and have yet to locate either of my inspection mirrors to check the top plate. Seems a lovely, relatively old instrument. Any help would be appreciated
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