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  1. Now i know Shockwave is also known as: Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) Please do share your previous experience whether is it effective treatment or not. Thanks in advance...
  2. Anyone could share your experience please ? Thank you in advance
  3. Alma Interesting...First time i heard iontophoresis.... Anyway at least now i got 2 options. And yes shockwave is not 100% proof to works. Well so does surgery. There might be complications / risk involved. Simply said, no perfect solution. Thanks Alma once again for your kind suggestion
  4. The best treatment but to me is risky is still minor surgical . To Release the A1 Pulley. Which i think in future there might be some problem example like cannot lift HEAVY stuff or do some very frequent outdoor exercises. So far i only seen 1 guy on other forum that he mentioned did use the Shockwave therapy and it was successful after 2 treatment. And the doctor who did the treatment suggested at least 3 times therapy. As for the Injection aka Corticosteroids Jab, the chances of recurrences is very high. It is only a Temporary Relief for around 6 months or even lesser. And MAX is only 2 Jabs per finger as to prevent permanent damage on your Tendon.
  5. No problem Alma. Anyway still appreciate your recommendation... Thank you.....
  6. @Alma I create this thread is discussion on Shockwave Therapy only. Nothing else, that's all. Very simple to understand right ? Thank U !
  7. @Jeffrey Holmes Big thanks in advance for this thread approval. @Alma I am only asking for feedback with regards to using only SHOCKWAVE Therapy. Non invasive treatment. Aka non surgical . Other treatment like using Gel/Cream, Fastum gel / Bengay, No thank you. Please i hope whoever have tried it in the past, could you please share your past experience ? Many thanks in advance...
  8. Hi, has anyone tried the Shockwave Therapy treatment ? Is it successful ? I am considering it since i do not wish to go for surgery (Release of my A1 Pulley) Please kindly share your experience.... Thanks in advance.
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