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  1. Hello from Denmark. Just for your information, The Royal Danish orchestra is the oldest symphony orchestra in the world. It was founded back in 1448 by King Christian 1'st. Ever since this time a log-book has been kept so each musician (in one continous line) has been given a number. I have access to this list and might be able to find your great-grandfather. I would need to know his name and appx dates of when he might have been employed. Please feel free to send this to me.. Now to your cello. It does indeed have a Saxon look to it as our dear colleague Jacob Saunders points out. I collect Danish made instruments and research a lot on Danish violinmaking history. It is always difficult to study an instrument from photos only. One detail I notice is the purfling which is in 5 parts. This can indeed be seen on some old Saxon instruments. There are, however, also a few Danish makers who make use of this tradition. One is Carl Felszner who came to Copenhagen from Germany and had a hard time making ends meet financially. His work dates from ca. 1830' to 1850's (I can find more precise dates tomorrow).. Your cello does remind a bit of two Felszner violins I have in my collection and a cello which also has 5 part purfling if I remember correctly (I will check out tomorrow)... I am not so sure about the scroll on your cello ? Has your cello been neck grafted ? Or might the entire neck and scroll be a replacement ?? I will study the photos further and will let you know if I find more useful info. All the very best Jens Stenz, Violin Maker in Aarhus -Denmark. jens@stenz-violins.dk
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