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  1. Hello fellas! Somebody has asked a similar question about 9 years ago, and in the meantime things have certainly changed I suppose. I was wondering who are the nicest contemporary luthiers in Italy, especially when it comes to cello making? I've hard nice things about the work of Marcello and Vittorio Villa, Paolo Vettori, Massimo Negroni, Carlo Chiesa, Riccardo Bergonzi, Stefano Conia, Marco Nolli... Has some of you had any experience in playing an instrument from these makers? Are there any younger maker that are equally interesting perhaps?
  2. Thank you Bob! I saw something about Mario Bandini on Tarisio, but have't found much on his bio or work. Most of the info I found where about double basses. And it seems it has been mostly making actually cellos (and double bass for about 10/15 years)
  3. Hello folks! Does any of you has the Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers by W. Henley? I find it a great source of information for what I've understood, but unfortunately it's out of print and not easy to find. Perhaps would be a great idea to make it an online or pdf version. If some of you has it, would you mind checking any informations about the following Italian makers: Pierluigi Galetti, Aldo Conti and Mario Bandini? Any helpful information is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  4. Hey guys! thank you! So that means that one can bid only live? or could anyways bid online?
  5. Hello Vahldiek! Where did you get your ebook copy of "The Art of Violin Making"? :)
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