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    The violin is with a luthier here in Bellingham. She has the bow because she’s going to rehair it. It’ll be there for about a month. The luthier did say that the bow was worth around $1000 and worth more than the instrument. lol. I don’t mind that the violin is a cheap example of a mass produced late 19th C Markawhatever. I kinda knew that was probably the case when I picked it up. As I also know that some of these can sound amazing. I fell in love with this one and haven’t been able to find one anything like it... so it’s well worth the price i paid for it. I’m stoked.
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    Violin ID

    Hello! I’m wondering if anyone can help me figure out some history on a recent violin purchase i made... here’s some photos. It has a label on the inside which is the false Casper Strnad 1791 label. And it also has a label from a repair “repaired by John S. Hull Fort Hunter New York 1948.” The seller said that her father owned this violin. The story is that her father bought it off of violin maker Ladislav Herclik. It comes with a bow... probably worth more than the violin itself stamped HR Pfretzschner on the bow itself and Herclik on the frog... although I think Herclik endo