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  1. i don't remember checking the value of projection when i made the viola in the 80s... i had already made 2 -4/4 violins...when i made the 15 one half inches or so viola i used info from several sources both commercial and noncommercial...i don't remember whether i might have used the violin projection of 27 by mistake? but once all glued up it was definitely showing a weak angle and when i tried to find a 31 I found the bridge short with resulting poor tone...as a violinist I'm about like a 12 hdcp golfer...I had never attempted a REAL neck reset but 2 NewYork specials worked on violins i was restoring..who knows why i decided to add a tapering shim which still didn't work on my own. I am disappointed that there is no record of me in Maestronet...just wrote a book called "nice try dale"..seems appropriate to be forgotten already .i am retired MD senior citizen, amateur sculptor, and goldsmith..i tried to tell your computer that i already was a member and used to call myself Chanot, but thought it too pretentious and just used my first name Dale for any semi recent submissions.... wasn't expecting to be given a native name ..especially a milk toast one like.. "look i'm running"... sorry that "stands with fists raised" and "sitting bull" were both already used ..i finally got my mind clarified and began the true reset today...of course for some bizarre reason i had glued in the shim and finger board with some strange product that would no way soften with increase temperature..so i decided to remove the shim by sawing with my super thin saw and try to preserve the pure finger board for the next steps in the neck restoration..call me crazy but for some flash of mania i thought i could beat the system and try New York special.... I used alcohol to try to free seams not orally... to get part of upper bout to detach from upper block... but it failed and added cracks to belly. could have taken the shim and fingder board as one unit but safer this way...so now I'll be watching projection and overstand and bridge height more closely.. .i was disappointed that the computer and the moderator would't believe i'm an old member...i am a senior citizen and a better native name would be" look I've gone to sleep in my armchair" Hi viola d'amore How many alligators now? Dale Palko
  2. jeffrey i'm an old member..having a toughth time convincing computer

  3. please see my application for detailed description of my submission
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