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  1. Thank you guys! When the restrictions are over you also deserve a drink :) I’m really grateful to you all for the advice. Lately I’m addicted to violin pictures and you guys opened my eyes to reality. I’ll try to improve with a new set of strings for the moment and then I’ll visit a luthier later for make some tweaks. When I’ll then start to play something around decent, I like the idea to go into the shop and play a bunch of instruments on my price rance. For that time I’ll might be also able to saved more money. :) Well this is almost sure considering the difficulty of this instrument :) This forum is a really great place! Have a wonderful day or evening. Fabio
  2. Dear Everyone, I'm new to the forum, I started to look into buying a violin and I got a really (to my eyes) beautiful offer. I started recently studying and practicing violin and I would like to upgrade from my Chinese violin. I could also continue practicing with the current one, but I was thinking a "new" violin could improve my experience. Because I am really new to this instrument I would like to ask some more expert people what do you think about it. I'll post some picture here. The violin has a repaired crack under the tailpiece. Of course I already know that the label is fake (it says Joannes Baptista Guadagnini fecit Parma ferviens C S R 1741), the price is around 1500 USD, so it is just impossible is a Guadagnini. I just wanted to see if I should look into something else at this point price or just stick with the current violin till the restriction are over and I can visit a store. Thanks really a lot in advance for your help Stay safe and practice! Fabio
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