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  1. So, I went ahead and glued the thing on anyway cause I'm too impatient for answers, you know how it is at 11pm.. But hopefully you can see in the pictures how its just a tiny bit shy of the 130 to the nut. And I've glued on the new nut (not fashioned yet) and its already overhanging the pegbox by a bit. It's going to have to be quite small and it has shortened the fingerboard even there. Keep in mind this is the very first violin I've ever done and it's been sanded back, refinished and touched up before I've got to this point so be nice to me. I'm REALLY green. I literally have NO i
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm new here and I've got a violin I'm attempting to restore. I think it's German but the body is unusually long and the neck slightly short. I'm trying to work out how big to make the nut at the top and the measurements for everything to get the correct final bridge height etc. My question is, will it matter if the neck stop ends up being only 126mm? I know its usually 130.. FYI because of the slighter longer body the body stop is still 195mm. Is it going to work out or? Does it need a new neck?