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  1. I forgot to say in my initial post, I’m based in the UK. Thanks for the responses!
  2. Thanks for the input. I'm sure to a real aficionado this isn't very exciting at all, but to me it has a lot of character and it seems like it deserves rescuing. Obviously this is all subjective. At the same time I don't want to pile money into it if it's not going to produce a nice sounding instrument. Do you have a rough idea of cost for this? I do have some good makers/repairers/restorers/dealers in my local area but they are all closed for the time being due to Covid. Thanks again for your response
  3. This is my thinking exactly. I’m not concerned with turning a profit from it. My current cello is English and from 1975, it cost me £500 and is nice to my ear, but maybe this one could be a nicer instrument with some tic and a proper setup. Hmmm
  4. You obviously know your stuff Jacob. But I must say I’m quite surprised at the hostility I’m receiving here. I was just making an honest post and looking for some helpful advice. I’m really unsure why that seems to annoy you so much? Thanks anyway Rick
  5. I’m not remotely concerned with it as a commercial proposition. I’m not interested in selling it. It didn’t cost me a penny, so if I thought it could make a nice instrument to learn on I’d happily invest a little in bringing it back to life.
  6. Thanks for your response. Dutzendarbeit? Dozen work? my knowledge of this industry is limited, so this doesn't mean a lot to me, but I get the gist - made in numbers/more generic. Any other clues? Do you think it's worth restoring such an instrument? It seems very well built. And even as potentially a lower grade instrument for its time, it has much more character aesthetically than most modern budget instruments I've seen. Obviously I can't comment on its sound! Thanks Rick
  7. Hello all, I'm hoping somebody can help me age and identify this cello. It's not for sale. It has arrived with myself after being in an attic for the past 40-50 years, and it belonged to a great aunt. The only clue is a small disc with the name: Douglas & Co 7 South Street, London, E.C - but from the small bit of info I can find online I think that is just the name of the retailer, not the maker. They seem to have been selling instruments in the very late 1800's to the early 1900s. So I'm estimating that this instrument is around 100 years old, but my knowledge is very limited. I am a cello beginner and I have a fairly nice 50 year old instrument that I'm enjoying, but I'd like to have this one restored/repaired/setup properly. It's actually not in bad shape, no major damage, just age related stuff. I'm hoping it's worth bringing back to its former glory, but either way it would be great to know it's age and origin. There doesn't seem to be any labels inside the instrument (unless very well hidden amongst 50 years worth of dust). Thanks in advance for any help with this! Rick
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