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  1. My train of thought is since I will be working in the foreseeable future, it is a valuable time for me to start picking up the violin again right now while I am still studying as I have time still. I've been playing it since little (stopped during beginning of Uni) and I think it's a pity to lose it all. Expanding my repertoire for personal leisure is my goal at the moment, and I wanted a good violin to accompany me as I step into society. level-wise, I passed Grade 8, Bach's chaconne is on my list next
  2. I should have realised what the "1957 repaired in Boston" label meant on that 15k Hopf, now that I think about it, I speculate someone was trying to sell this off at a ludicrous price after fixing it up somewhat. That's the most uncomfortable thing for me in all this. I directly transferred money to him. China, but I do not live in the major cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen) where shops have more reputation and I do not intend to look for a violin here anymore. I have a friend who got his contemporary violin for 12k in Hong Kong, at a store called Hong Kong Strings which sounds trustworthy. When I return to Hong Kong I will take a look there. There is also a chance I might return to London over the next few months so I would appreciate any recommendations in these areas. Thanks Wood Butcher!! It's on me, they were marked hidden which I assumed got unlocked by an admin as my account is new. This is what I am inclined to think as well. Besides, I read a post elsewhere about a person trying out over a hundred violins before settling on a contemporary Laura Vigato. I understand that there is equal chance in me finding my "perfect" violin in both old and new violin categories, but for now I place sound above collectibility so I think I can find the suitable violin in the contemporary category without needing to consider the "nuisances" of old ones. There seems to be double-blinded studies of people preferring new violins over Strads. As in, if it doesn't sound right to me from the very beginning, I should just immediately drop it instead of considering trying to adapt to it over the coming years? I absolutely agree with you. I think my mental library/reservoir of imaginable violin sounds at the moment is too poor. My first step should be exposure to more types of violin sounds to grasp their varying complexity.
  3. Take for example a violin shop or well established seller, what is the typical profit margin?
  4. Yes i actually bought it for 15k. when i said negotiate, I meant in the case of him not willing to refund upon confrontation which is not the case
  5. Hi everyone, I greatly appreciate all your feedback and, being highly shocked and uncomfortable myself after hearing all your thoughts, I was able to get my money back today fortunately. The seller is a friend of a friend, I do not believe he has bad intentions but he seems to be left in a state of denial upon hearing the objective value of this fiddle. Anyway, I will be investing this money much more cautiously and patiently for my next violin. May I ask: 1) How do you normally select a violin, what is the process? 2) The violin I picked up yesterday sounded okay, it had nice projection and a round warm sound hence I assumed it had value. I guess that is not the full picture.What are some truly vital attributes to look for in a violin that I neglected? 3) Are there any recommended sellers on here/ reputable ebay sellers/ online merchants/ physical shops or other sources that you recommend? Sorry for the long reply, but I cannot feel thankful enough to all of you, since I am nearing my 20s and I would appreciate the companionship of a good violin for life. Daniel
  6. It was. Thanks for everyone's help, but what about it made you think it was off? Just so i could negotiate with the seller with objective facts.
  7. Hi everyone, I've been researching and recently picked up this Hopf violin for 15k. It has "HOPF" stamped on the back of it and the inside says it is repaired 1957. With a HOPF marking. The sound is mellow and sweet, and the tuners are a fine tuner system. Please help me out as to the actual value. Although I like the sound, I am afraid I could have gotten better bang for the buck on other violins. 15k is not a small amount, so I sincerely appreciate any courteous opinion on this. Thanks!
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