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  1. I see there are some cool people here who use constructive criticism or comments and then there are those hateful people who hate their own lives to throw out harsh unnecessary comments. This may be a cheap violin or a great violin. The repairer’s obituary states he was a master violin repairer So he must have been very good at his trade. The two comments stating words like jerk or cheap seem to be people I would never respect as far as people or experts. I appreciate the other comments. Thanks so much.
  2. Thank you is it worth restringing and tuning. Sounds great with even the old strings but don’t know if worth restoring.
  3. Hi this is a 24 inch violin made 1800s. It was repaired by HJ Alexander Master Violin repairer Gastonia NC 1922. Has his label inside with repair date. Would like to know where this was made.
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