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  1. The best thing I have learned in violin making school it's not a skill, but the relationship between the makers. I might not become a good luthier, but someone else will be.
  2. Very happy to learn something new. Both with the history and language.
  3. I'm using LED for my varnish. I was living in China, So I can get a good price. I have tried many of them. They are quite different from fluorescent bulbs and also from each other. The wattage doesn't indicate as much as fluorescent bulbs. What kind of lamp bead are they using is the most important thing. The wattage might be the same but the price and the technology can be completely different. The beam angle is much narrow. If we can say the fluorescent bulbs are 360°, Then the LED's might be 45-60°, again depends on lamp bead. In this point of view, the fluorescent
  4. Take a look of this Japanese brand, I use them for a long time.
  5. Thank you so much guys! I think David it's right about my issue. The temperature inside my box is around 32-34C normally, if the outside is hotter, sometimes go higher(we are in summer) So normally what temperature do you trying to maintain in the box?
  6. Hi David. It's higher. Just like a resin on the spruce bark.
  7. Dear friends and colleges: I just have some varnish issue and I cannot figure out the reason about it. Here is some picture about my new instrument during the varnishing process: As you can see, there are some strange "Bubbles" on the top plate. I use oil based varnish, In this case, it's from Oldwood. I use a UV chamber to let it dry faster. Furthermore, I use some LED spotlights. Here is the thing: The temperature where I have placed the violin is about 37 °C during the processing, So the temperature is fine. The "Bubbles" shows up only
  8. Thank you guys, Agree. You just give me a wonderful idea. That's see if it works. I Think I'll just buy an air purifier like this: and find a way to connect the exhaust fan with a pipe into the tent and place it near where I apply
  9. I'm trying to set up my grow tent. Are you using the LED UV lights? I'm trying them too, How does yours work? It looks very powerful. Just ordered the tent, Let's see how does it go.
  10. Thanks, I'll take a close look of it.
  11. Oh! man! I really like your "box" it's so practical and naturally sealed!!! Might I have more picture of your box?
  12. Hi Don Noon, take look my photo, I’ve a fitter at the bottom on the left side and o fan on the top on the right side. The fan will take the air out of the box. I'm not a native English speaker, so I'm not sure is positive or negative pressure.
  13. Sorry, I forgot to attach some picture. Take a look. It's just a IKEA child cabinet, If I'll do it again I'll not choose this to make my box. Because the frame is too loose.
  14. I do have an air filter placed on the little "window" I've cut to let the air flow. I was thinking it might be too rough? They are made for cars engine.