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  1. It looked interesting as I was passing it by... Anyone familiar with this screw? also the auction just for source:
  2. Just the usual? Or something more?
  3. Does anyone know something about the bow maker named Robert Reichel? Any help is appreciated..
  4. Is this bow really an Adolf C Schuster as it claims to be? What can be said about it?
  5. My apologies for bringing the diabolical ebay up again.. As a novice with little to no eye for analyzing instruments, I had a funny thought that just maybe if I can find a *reputable seller* that consistently pumps out high quality for low prices, ebay would not be such a hassle. It would only take the goodwill of a few kind and rather philanthropic men... Found these people with some searching just for examples.* Does this kind of seller even exist? Or is it something out of my twisted wishful
  6. I will take that consideration to heart. The violin trade is not something to be seen as “doable” by a novice in most cases... This post highlights my sheer greed of wanting a good violin for lower than the “shop price” without the eye to differentiate the good from the bunch. It is, probably, also from the lack of good budget resources in my region... Anyways thanks for the tip. Might’ve juuuust spared me some present or future pain
  7. Also curious if traits used to identify violins can be used to identify violas...
  8. Thank you for the clarification. I didn’t know people actually do that on ebay and so. Can’t say I wasn’t intrigued but it was filled with red flags from the get go. Im new here, so ask if it is allowed to list ebay listings and learn through the opinions of the knowledgeable people here?
  9. Does anyone know about this company and their violins? Sold by seller le_stol and advertised as the best stuff in the market at this price point. The listing doesn’t even have real photos, and I had to ask them for these. Sorry for the photo quality, they sent me these.