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  1. Again, the admins do a very poor job of keeping this forum positive. Like I said, if it were my forum I would punt whomever makes another person feel bad about a question they asked. I would also like to see some of the instruments these critics have made themselves to see just how good they are. By refusing to show them, they are admitting they don't have much to show for their efforts.
  2. There are a few here who like to ridicule others. Personally, I don't understand why the admin allows it but it's not my forum. I like the cello you showed and as long as it sounds good, you did a good job in picking it.
  3. Since the Chinese have stocked-up on European wood, you can't make the blanket claim that an instrument looks Chinese based on the grain figure of the wood like you could in the old days.
  4. I only used washed linseed oil. But I put it directly on the wood and hang the violin in the sun for months because it takes a lot of patience and time to get the wood to change to the color you want it to be. If the weather turns bad, it goes in the UV box. But it does take a lot of patience, which some people just don't have.
  5. Whatever you decide on, your photographs should show the violin as it would be in daylight. No filters, no photo editing in any way. The buyer of your violin should not be surprised when taking the violin out of the packaging and seeing it for the first time. Also, if there are issues with the instrument, be sure to take good pictures of any cracks or anything you consider wrong with the instrument. I've been burned in the past by posting pictures where the pictures were high quality, but the violin still looked different in real life to the buyer.
  6. It needs a new bridge. The one that's on it was made wrong.
  7. Depends on how much work I would have to do to it. But I've been doing this for years. I find a decent violin for sale that needs some tender love and care, fix it, put it in the best condition possible, and then either send it to Tarisios' T2 auction or throw it up on eBay. It amounts to an additional $2,000-$4,000 each month if I'm very active. Lately, I've backed away from it because I don't really need the money and I'm interested in other things. But that's what I would do if this violin were for sale.
  8. I would pay $650 for this as is. Check the neck angle, make a new bridge, new fittings, a new sound post, Larsen strings and throw it up on Ebay for a good profit. If it sounds good, then for a great profit.
  9. Actually, that does help me a lot. Thanks!
  10. That's a VERY good point. It's a good thing I didn't have my cellphone with me. I also doubt my luthier friend who is getting it ready would have allowed me to photograph it.
  11. That's the question. Apparently, he has spent a lot of time and money trying to get it to sound how he wants it to sound. But for some reason, he's just not happy with it.
  12. I really wish I had brought my cellphone with me. I wasn't expecting to see something like that. It was truly a surprise to me. What's funny is my luthier friend just picked it up and showed me all the sides of it like it was nothing. I would be too scared to even polish it.
  13. I was recently showing a violin I was working on with a luthier friend of mine when he showed me a cello that the owner was wanting to sell for 1.2 million dollars. The maker was Tononi. It was stunning.
  14. You guys are forgetting the key here. Rachell66 is a pretty girl. And, we are ALWAYS nice to pretty girls.
  15. I had to listen to him complain over and over again in his workshop about his fate in life. Complaint after complaint. What was once a great and highly respected violin shop has been reduced to barely hanging on.