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  1. Thank you everyone for you replies - very helpful! @GeorgeH unlikely to be travelling with... but will be used more than for just storage @deans should the case fit loosely or should it be tight... how much movement should there be or none?
  2. Hello all, I'm looking for advice... my g.grandfathers violin has now been restored and I need a case to keep it in (its original case is broken). What Cases do you reccomend? What factors do I need to consider? Is soft case or a hard case better? How should the violin fit in the case? Etcetera... greatly appreciate any advice :) Many thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies interesting about bow hold... I will experiment!
  4. Hello, I have got little pinkie that makes it difficult to get curve in left hand and results in collapse in right hand!! Any pinkie finger exercise ideas... for strength and reach and bow control etc?
  5. I had a similar issue on my cheapy first instrument... on the C/C# - it was the result of a slight dip in the fingerboard... I just bore with until I was ready to upgrade
  6. Thankyou @martin swan and @jacobsaunders for taking the time to reply.
  7. Thanks I will repost shortly
  8. Hello, Please see images below... this violin has gone in for repair - would really appreciate any comments on when and where it might have been made. Also possible value? Please may you also include what identifies it ( I am new here, curious and eager to learn!)
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