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  1. Whenever you come back to India, contact me (naiara.maiztegui@gmail.com) . I’ll be pleased to come back to India and help you with this job.
  2. Hello George, thanks for your answer. I already found information about Stärke ( a guitarmaker from the beginning of the XX century) . The Stainer is a typical Saxon violin from Markneukirchen or Schönbach. Not a Maggini model just for the double purfling. It has Stradivarian f-holes. Can’t tell you the length of the back, the violin now is with his owner) ( Google the word “luthier” wich is in my name)
  3. Hello! Could someone tell me some information about this 2 violins? A Felix Stärke ( Hamburg, 1924) and a Jacobus Stainer ( with a lion head). I know that Felix Stärke was primarily a guitar maker based in Hamburg in the 1920’s-40’s. Known for his violin-inspired guitars, with proper f-holes and some models even with violin corners. The “Stainer” looks like a simple, but well made German trade violin, with some extra adornments. Early-mid 20th century? I’m trying to find some prices of these 2 violins. The thing of having a different shape or beeing decorated, makes me doubt... Thank you all. Naiara.
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