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  1. They can't even spend enough time to get an accurate picture in their instructions. I wouldn't waste the time or money to even test. If they could miss details here I am sure they have missed even more in engineering a part.
  2. Thank you for your input Andreas. The model that I am working with is indeed the Kreisler. I was unaware of the changes between those years. I will make sure to look at many different pictures and examples I can find to better understand. I think I'll finish the drawing and move forward to building some violin bodies. Side Note: I am not trying to attempt to make a copy of the kriesler I lack the skills or knowledge to do such a thing.
  3. Well back to the drawing board pun intended So I was at about 1.8mm top and 2mm bottom I am assuming about 2.5 mm like the rest of the overhang? Did a rough alternative bottom block sketch with plate overhang. Left the previous on same picture to compare. I guess my favorite corners are actually strad corners and in my ignorance couldn't tell.
  4. Working on a technical drawing for working on my violin. I am not skilled or knowledgeable enough to notice errors that might be obvious to some maestro needs. Critism expecially that can help me improve appreciated.
  5. Well I guess I am not alone with the learning curve on bending flamed maple... Just bought 4 sets of sides for practice. I believe that my issue was my bending iron was not hot enough only 150 c. If i have more issues with the bending ill see if i can post a video testing the iron heat and what i am doing. @David BurgessThanks for the video! I will not be as shy in putting more weight/pressure on the strap this time. Hopefully I don't end up on the floor. though my wife might get a good laugh if that happens
  6. Yea Its semi isolated door etc. I have a shop vac and an air purifier I run in the room. But due to poor design on that band saw dust collector i end up with a tad to much dust. I also need to upgrade that shop vac could be a contributing factor that might happen soon new house possibly and a new shop!
  7. Thanks for the inspiration guys i've been having to haul the bandsaw outside since my "violin shop area" is actually inside the spare room of my house. I'll look into modifying the dust collection I'll probably start with something similar to Maberry for now and after i upgrade my bandsaw i'll look into doing something like Don.
  8. So is there a reason to carve it in that way instead of just gluing in bracing similar to archtop guitar bracing?
  9. google wittner fine tuner and you will get multiple results - Fiddlershop and guitar center both have them.
  10. Please avoid a really cheap bandsaw if you can afford a better one if you go that route. Make sure it has a cast iron table on the bandsaw in my opinion - i hate my aluminum one.- saving for a new bandsaw I won't bash the product on the forum because it was cheap and i got cheap.... Play with cheap tools get cheap problems..
  11. Thanks for the comments guys I'll get the luthiers bench strap on order seems that the spring steel makes it easier I will try to use Burgress's approach to preventing staining.
  12. Looking to upgrade from my piece of flashing metal i've used as a bending strap I saw one at Luthiers Bench 0.2mm -springsteel , One on internation violin 0.3mm - stainless steel, or 0.12" spring steel stew mac bending strap *i can make handles*. Or if someone has a different supplier that would supply a great product i would be happy to look at that.
  13. Well i got my Loupe on order. BelOMO 10x Triplet. Jewelers Loupe Magnifier 21mm (.85") Going from guesswork to precision guesswork. Guess you guys know my day Job now
  14. I like the thread test approach Doug that would be easy to reproduce. My wife might be happy if i am cured of my Left arm pattern baldness that seems to appear. Always checked its ability to shave a patch of my arm hair in one swipe.
  15. Will i be able to see a burr that i can't feel with my thumb? I might purchase a triplet loupe if this will assist. When i finishing sharpening i was always taught to feel and make sure their was no burr.
  16. Thanks for the comments guys did some roughing with the handle above found it quite comfortable compared to before. Feels easier to get longer cuts. I’ve got two other slightly smaller 30mm gouges for roughing I might make some 12” ones for those. I’ll go see if I can find that convo I do remember burgess mentioning about a shovel on some post.
  17. Hide glue please if not consider fish glue. you should look up the process of removing titebond from an instrument to deter you from using such things.
  18. Making a handle for my plate gouge. What sizes do other makers find comfortable to work with? figure I could learn something to improve mine from what others use.
  19. I am assuming that you are getting the Herdim Template? The spelling seems wrong? on the International website. I found them on other websites with what i assume is the right spelling. Strad poster seems to be in stock but it appears that it is lacking the rib outline. Maybe someone has this poster and could verify. I do not own the poster. https://www.thestradshop.com/store/thestrad/kreisler-guarneri-del-gesu-violin-1733-poster/ I am sure someone else has already purchased and have the product that and can give more info on the Herdim set if interested. The "deluxe mold set" for 140 dosn't come with the outline for creating a mold it comes with a mold in it. The deluxe will not assist you with F-Hole placement you would have to figure that out on your own. There is a youtube video online where a Kimon makes a violin based of a deluxe mold set i am sure you can find it if interested what is in it. He also comes to this forum as well.
  20. What about getting some of "The Strad" luthier posters? About $20 a pop can ship 10 at a time. Or if someone in the forum knows where you can get something more accurate?
  21. That usually only applies Americans that don't spend all day watching TV and actually had/have to work for a living. I have met too many people my age... and younger...
  22. Lovely video Rue seems like the attention to detail is there. Wanting to use the best materials. Makes me think like comparing mass produced shoes to mass produced violins? The quality and artistry of something handmade for a purpose vs something to get the job done?
  23. Here's a few questions for the same topic. What details do you actually look back up for your previous builds most often? What are critical details that might not come up often but when you need them its a big deal? If you could tell your younger self to record one important detail about your violin making what would it be?
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