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  1. What about getting some of "The Strad" luthier posters? About $20 a pop can ship 10 at a time. Or if someone in the forum knows where you can get something more accurate?
  2. That usually only applies Americans that don't spend all day watching TV and actually had/have to work for a living. I have met too many people my age... and younger...
  3. Lovely video Rue seems like the attention to detail is there. Wanting to use the best materials. Makes me think like comparing mass produced shoes to mass produced violins? The quality and artistry of something handmade for a purpose vs something to get the job done?
  4. Here's a few questions for the same topic. What details do you actually look back up for your previous builds most often? What are critical details that might not come up often but when you need them its a big deal? If you could tell your younger self to record one important detail about your violin making what would it be?
  5. I have seen the light Philip. Idea Porcupine Gumbo. Not sure if it will be as good as the BBQ racoon I had lately or BBQ frog legs but hey ill try it
  6. I think sometimes I come here just to read Jacob and Burgess comments. See a comment pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave and away we go. And stare at Rue's picture to figure out why i thought that porcupine was a bird... Also I've learned that i basically know absolutely nothing about violins yet give me another 10 years or so.. i mostly stay quite and read laugh and learn.
  7. Thx Urban I'll admit i like it a lot because of looks. My wife might be happy I'm not using the sous vide for Hide glue. The steaks ill be cooking with it not so much. I've got a spare digital thermometer with an alarm hanging around anyways should make it easy to not overheat.
  8. Has anyone used the Lee Valley Hot hide glue warmer and Pot? The pot seems fantastic and an upgrade from my glass jars. At around $40 i might take the plunge.
  9. Shortened and made some corrections. Found out my kitchen table isn’t level so moved to my glass drawing desk. They were indeed to long. I took some measurements and included in corrected drawing. Took picture with better device. unfortunately I seem to have gotten corn dog grease while helping with the 4yr old. “C’est la vie” Hopefully this looks better thanks for looking and posting.
  10. Glued in some slivers of wood cut and filed them. I pasted the bottom half of template onto mold. traced mold on paper to draw and plan corners for mold. They now lineup. Wanted to draw up corners based off this mold if something looks incorrect please comment. I plan to eventually make metal corners based off the finalized drawing.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. @Uncle Duke I did trace and check and everything lines up mold is symmetrical. now I'm off to fix the corners.
  12. Seems that you are correct i Reviewed the SVG i used to make the mold as well . Seems that the corner blocks are extended beyond 90 Degrees and to copensate i squared them off and dug it in made it no longer square to the center line. figure 1. Shows block squared. Figure 2 where it should be based on the second box. Figure 3 shows my original drawing has a 95 degree angle. So should i correct the mold and drawing to match the box in figure 3 and decrease the angle from 95 to 90? Or leave it at 95degrees?
  13. 4th mold I finally have something that’s more correct but not very pretty. Thought I’d post my first two molds for a good cringe / laugh. “Some people show you how to do it. Some people show you how not to do it.” Maybe on the next ones I’ll make them look pretty as well. But for now I’ll be on to the next miss adventure. I’ve at least found three ways not to make a mold. If you have more advice on the molds I’d be happy to hear and feel free to comment.This won’t be my last mold by a long shot. But For now some rib stock is calling my name.
  14. John i drew up this plan in scale SVG file how do you guys think this looks?
  15. Test printed template and measured if anything anyone notices is off with the measurement s or templates please let me know. misplaced my calipers might have to buy new ones soon...