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  1. When I get within about 9-12” from the tip the bow makes a series of shallow bounces/wobbles that give the sound a kind of chatter to it. It’s in the same spot every time and has been for the other people who tried the bow out. I’ll have it rehaired and see if that makes a difference.
  2. Can a bad batch of hair do that? I want to go back to the luthier with some knowledge under my belt. I actually know a little about rehairing already but I couldn’t find anything about a problem like this. This is the first time I’ve used this luthier and he seems competent. I had it rehaired about a year and a half ago. The previous luthier I used will not b getting my business ever again. They actually chiseled out the mortise of the head to fit their massive wire knot in. This left the head only about a millimeter and a half thick on the sides. They then proceeded to glue
  3. I recently had a bow rehaired and ever since I did the bow now chatters when I hit the top third of the bow. First this is not technique, multiple people have used it and it chatters in the exact same spot for each of them, and there is nothing wrong with their technique. I will also add that the bow did not chatter before and I have been playing with it for years with no issues. The only change was I had it rehaired. I tried looking online for answers, but all I could find is people saying bow chatter was technique and that’s not the case here I believe there is something wrong with
  4. I am trying to find history and photographs etc. of the violin making in Dresden, Germany prior to world war 1. Google is pretty worthless these days and I can’t find much except for things that are for sale or have been and most history that I manage to find is all focused on the events of world war 2. I believe another hang up might be the alphabet change. It’s quite possible there is isn’t much but can anyone direct me towards a source that would help. Thank you, Grace E.