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  1. Thank you,Jacob I think you are spot on.
  2. could anyone give me an idea of age or value of this instrument, Thank You.
  3. But I really do not think so, the neck width is not as wide as the pin marks suggest. maximum 2 pins, the others would be in the block, ?.
  4. Is this pic of the back of the instrument in my post at all relevant. Thanks
  5. thank you but as this has info relative to the interior that is not at all like this ?
  6. Yes it has the Mittenwald notch, but nothing else fits.
  7. Mr Fiddle Doug. Guido did not mention a ton of anything , or did he mention Maggini. In his reply to me ,about 9 hours ago.
  8. Just a Question. Were there many german makers who made violins with Double purfeled. Or are their names known.
  9. Why was this Info not communicated to Brunon in the first instance. Markneukirchen Schonbach and Saxony seems to be a great scapegoat for the Know alls.
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