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  1. DavidS


    Thanks everyone for your comments. I'll take them onboard. Fingerboard extension & string height are pretty much standard: 27mm, 5.5mm/3.5mm. I'll tweak the sound post some more. I remember reading somewhere that a slightly longer sound post is often required after settling in.
  2. DavidS


    Hi George, I have Pirastro Tonica's on it at the moment. We usually prefer Dominants but they were out of stock. I thought we would assess it and decide what's best after settling in.
  3. DavidS


    Hi Everyone, hoping for some advice on my setup. My violin plays really well with a very good tone. It is loud, bright with nice complex tone but a little bit harsh perhaps. D & G strings are a tiny bit weaker than the E & A. It is difficult to play softly. Sound post is fitted about 3mm behind the bridge and about 0.5mm inside the treble foot. It is a fairly loose fit, easily knocked over when strings are loose. Any suggestions for an improvement? Thanks David
  4. DavidS


    Thanks, I don't think I really want to do a copy of a particular instrument as such. Just the general vibe. I am considering starting with the Kreisler forma by Addie here: Stradivari Forma By Addie - Peter Grankulla - Soloist Violins (thestradsound.com) I think I would redraw it to be symmetric and use basic dimensions from Lord Wilton to inform the process. I suppose some asymmetry would creep into the build anyway. Does that sound like a reasonable plan?
  5. DavidS


    Here are some pics although I am not altogether happy with varnishing job. It gave me more grief than anything else. As far as sound, it is way better than anything I expected and my wife, Carol who is the violinist is keen to play it in orchestra next year. Compared to our old Strad copy by 'Anton Wolf' that belonged to my grandfather and father it is louder and possibly a little brighter. I can't hear it but carol feels the D & G strings are not quite up to speed. Its only been strung up for 3 weeks. I put on Pirastro Tonica's while setting it up. Will be looking at alternat
  6. DavidS


    Hi Everyone, I am from the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia and just finished making my first violin. I am very happy with the result as is my wife who is the violinist in the family. I followed the method from makingtheviolin.com with some input from The Art of Violin Making. Makingtheviolin.com is excellent and it's amazing that it is a free resource. I have to say, I gleaned a lot of information from this forum that made the process so much easier. I do really want to thank everyone for the wealth of generous advice & wisdom that is available here. David