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  1. Just in case, have you checked G string height at end of fingerboard? Usually about 5.5mm I believe.
  2. I know what you mean. I need to have the blades protruding further than I would like, so that the end of the bar clears the arch. This means I need to be extra careful as blades can flex around a bit. I notice Davide has a firm backing piece clamped alongside his blades and I want to try that out. What mods did you do?
  3. Mine is very similar and came from Dictum. https://www.dictum.com/en/cutting-tools-jbe/purfling-channel-cutter-702522
  4. Fantastic, I will do this for sure.
  5. I just remembered that on my first attempt, I had to place a few shavings of spruce to shim and hold the purfling in position. Not ideal but no one has noticed; or maybe no one has been been impolite enough to say so.
  6. That all sounds like great advice. If I could just add a comment from my experience as a beginner. I did a similar thing on my first attempt and was surprised and pleased how good it ended up looking after glueing. The wood swelled a little and the hide glue filled most gaps. By the way, I found I had to file down the sides of my clean-cut tool as it was too thick for groove width. I wish I had known to turn & shim the blades. Hope you enjoy the journey, it's all about learning.
  7. I missed the other end of the label for what it's worth. Just to make sure it doesn't say facie 'bad'
  8. Any French speakers? I had a better look at this note and I am thinking it is french! I can see the words; 'Repaice' - restore, 'Accipre' - Accept & 'uccrent' - success. I could have a guess but it would be good to understand what the writer really meant by this. German violin in Australia with a French repairer's note. I guess that it is not too unusual but it's not a valuable instrument that a dealer would bother shipping over. I could imagine a returning soldier after WW1 bringing it back as a souvenir or gift. I'll have to consult my family history. Nice story if it was true.
  9. Thanks George, very interesting. I am keen to understand this. I just spent a long time looking at the corners with a magnifying glass and could barely see any evidence of joins at all! In the end I find the slightest evidence of a join in the centre of corners on both violins. I understand this indicates 'pinched' corners. On the other hand, I can confirm though that the corners all overhang the ribs at least 1 where they are not worn. More like 2-2.5mm on the first violin. Is this consistent with BOB construction? Other observations are that inside of plates and ribs are all very smooth and bass bars are glued. There are beestings all round. Second violin has a small delta, first one has no delta. Both violin scroll fluting centres are proud. Hope I'm not getting too obsessed with this! I think I better go watch Cricket.
  10. Thanks Jacob. yes, 19th century, I just found a pencil note inside saying Repaired by ???? 1887. By the way, it has scroll fluting all the way to the end of the throat. This one is quite different to the first violin; it has a smaller scroll, extremely shallow edge scoop and no f hole wing fluting. Very different varnish colour too. Both violins have conventional linings & blocks. Just wondering what features to look for that makes both violins appear to be Markneukirchen
  11. Thanks, I suppose that means that it won't be mis-identified as 'the usual' at some stage in the future.
  12. Belated thanks to everyone for their comments. I thought I would continue on with my Grandfather's other violin. This instrument on was passed to my uncle who then sold it to my wife while she was still at school. She played it for 30+ years until the other came into our possession. This on still get played at at least one concert a year. If anyone would like to share insights into it's origin, I would appreciate it.
  13. I have finished my no.3 but still waiting for the varnish to harden up. I really didn't fully appreciate how long this can take! I think I will build a UV cabinet for next time. I got tired of bringing the violin in and out of various outdoor locations every time the weather changed. We get plenty of UV here but wind, rain & hot sun wreak havoc. If only every day was light breeze & mild overcast to diffuse the UV. Anyway, I am happy with the varnish. Much better than my previous efforts but still has plenty of room for improvement. The instrument plays really well. Nice tone across all strings. If anything, the A is the weakest link this time but not a real problem as such. We will see how it all settles in. I want to thank everyone here for the treasure trove of information that has made it possible for me to be able to make a really good violin. Who would have thought! Here are some pics:
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