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  1. Yes, I found that, but they don't have that model any longer, and attempts to ask about it have gone unanswered. But thanks!
  2. I recently picked up one of these for a song, to use mostly for non-playing warm-up exercises while in my office. I'm aware that it's not a top-quality instrument, but I am curious to find out more about these. Mine was made in 1999. I have looked online and found virtually no information other than eBay auctions and Reverb listings. Does anyone know about this model or manufacturer or where I could get more info? Thanks!
  3. I got the second COVID shot last week, and I felt like hell for several days. I didn't practice at all a couple of days, but on other days, I at least did some open string bowing, or played around with stuff that I like, rather than doing actual planned practice (and I've been planning my practice week on Sundays for a few weeks, now, which I find I really find useful). I practice in the mornings, before work, because if I don't do it then, I'm likely to not have time or inclination to pick up my instrument in the evening. My SO likes to watch TV at night, so it's more frequently that I don't have time in the evening. If I'm not feeling it, I'll "eat my vegetables" and at least tune and do open strings and work on one scale. By the time I've done that, if I'm still not feeling it, I'll quit for the day, but usually I'll keep going. If you just tell yourself you're only going to tune your violin and do something for five minutes, then stop, then at least you've touched your violin, and if you do feel like stopping after that, then you've "earned" it. If you feel like continuing, you can still continue. For me, I feel like I need to at least tune and bow open strings every single day, so I keep the habit going. If I get at least that far, I'll give myself a pass for the rest of the day, and I can manage even that unless I have a bad migraine or am really sick. Now towards the end of this month, I will be out of town for a week and a half, and will not be able to bring my violin with me, but I will probably still do some sort of ear training every day, with an app or three.
  4. I really like it. I like it so much, in fact, that I used some Sugru to fashion another one in the thumb leather of the bow that came with the 3/4 violin I was recently given.
  5. It's always been in the place it is, currently. It has never been near the frog, except when the hair is loosened, and it can't be moved.
  6. But David and I agree that it's preferable not to touch the stick, if it can be avoided, to avoid wear on the stick. Right, David? At least, that's what I think...
  7. The one on my bow is not large enough to fit over the frog projection. I do see that in the ad, but on my bow, it would not work. If you take a look at the photo in my OP, you'll see that it wouldn't work.
  8. No, I think it was a trainer for students back in the mid to late 1950s. Apparently, they were distributed through a variety of student-instrument dealers. If my Scherl & Roth is anything to go by, the dealers would apply the bow grip during set-up.
  9. It was apparently developed and marketed by Paul Rolland.
  10. While looking for something else, I happened upon an advertisement for the Rolland Bow Grip in the January 1956 edition of the American String Teacher from ASTA.
  11. Thanks! I used this info to stabilize the loose wire on the 3/4 bow that came with the 3/4 outfit I was gifted. It, too, is copper wire. I just put a drop on it after making sure the wire was wrapped nicely. Did the trick.
  12. I was gifted a 3/4 size violin outfit, today. The bow has a couple of chips in the finish, not the wood. What should I do about these, other than wiping the bow down when I'm finished playing or practicing?
  13. Well, I finally removed the tape from my violin. I had previously removed it (years ago) from my other violin. Now I'm left with tape gunk. I have rubbed with a dry cloth and with my fingernail and gotten most of it off, but I still can see where it used to be on both violins, and it's a bit distracting. Does anyone have any good ideas on what I can safely do, besides continuing to rub with a dry cloth? Unfortunately, it doesn't come through in photos very well, but I can definitely see it when I am trying to practice or play.
  14. I'm 49, and I have been back at violin for 5 months, now, after a 15-20-year hiatus. I, too, have issues with 4th finger down while 2nd finger is down, particularly with a high second finger, AND maintaining passable intonation when I get back to the second finger. Plus, I have small hands and short arms. However, it is slowly getting better. I have been playing 5-note down scales, slowly, with a drone, to keep my intonation more honest. It's early days, still, but it is getting a bit better. The Schradieck Volume 1, Part 1 is helping, too, although I'm still learning it. I have a tendency to want to keep going even when I'm tired and am starting to feel the strain, but I'm trying to get better at stopping when I should. I'm also trying to pay attention to tension.
  15. Cool, thanks! I think I'll get some of the John Pearse Artistes.
  16. Yes, looking for inexpensive strings. I'll take a look at the John Pearse Artiste. Thanks!
  17. Thanks, everyone! Much appreciated.
  18. Ok, thanks! Not a fiddler (yet), but the Jackson Guldan could fill that niche.
  19. I don't remember where, but once, long ago, I heard that steel strings are too strong for some violins. I don't know whether that's true, or not, but Red Label, for example, are not likely to harm a Jackson Guldan, are they? I currently have (old) Dominants on it, and the A string broke. I need to get new strings, and I'm thinking of Red Label because they're inexpensive and I won't likely have to replace those as often as Dominants. Would Red Label be ok on a 65-year-old Scherl & Roth Karl Herrmann violin? I'm looking strictly for whether they're safe, and not necessarily for what they will sound like. I know they'll be different than the Dominants, but I'm willing to try them for $20.00.
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